• Fasig-Tipton

    Santa Anita Fall Yearlings

    September 26, 2019


Hip   Sex Sire Dam Dams Sire Consignor State Result Buyer Price
1 Colt Awesome Again ADDAGIRLADDY Doneraile Court MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California OUT    
2 Filly Smiling Tiger AERIAL PRANCER Tiznow HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
3 Colt U S Ranger AFTER ALL (IRE) Desert Story (IRE) HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
4 Filly Daredevil ALERT CAT Empire Maker HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
5 Colt Awesome Again ALISA'S CATCH Hal's Image MCKEE BLOODSTOCK Kentucky    
6 Filly Northern Causeway ALPINE YODEL Swiss Yodeler MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
7 Colt Mucho Macho Man ALWAYS SWEET Street Sense BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
8 Colt Haynesfield A PRECIOUS MEMORY Honor Grades HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
9 Filly Bodemeister APRIL FOOLER Distorted Humor LOVACRES RANCH California    
10 Filly Fed Biz A P'S REGAL RANSOM A.P. Indy HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
11 Filly Speightster ARGYLE PINK Sky Mesa LOVACRES RANCH California    
12 Colt Square Eddie ASCRIPTION Harlan's Holiday MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
13 Colt Mshawish ATHINA LEE English Channel CRITTER CREEK FARM California    
15 Filly Fort Larned AWESOME ELAINE Awesome Again BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
16 Colt Slew's Tiznow BABES BRIDGE IT Maria's Mon CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
17 Filly Mr. Big BABY ZITO Curlin HARRIS FARMS California    
18 Colt Winning Cause BANNER DAY A.P. Indy HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
19 Colt Square Eddie BAS Flower Alley MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
20 Colt Haynesfield BATES CHOICE Bates Motel HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
21 Filly Mr. Big BELLOMA Yankee Gentleman HARRIS FARMS California    
22 Filly Acclamation BIRTHDAY Malibu Moon MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
23 Filly Empire Way BLACK BIRD ROCK Flower Alley LOVACRES RANCH California    
24 Filly More Than Ready BLESSINGS COUNT Pulpit FAIRVIEW FARM California    
25 Colt Goldencents BOLD ROBERTA Bold Badgett FAIRVIEW FARM California    
26 Filly Animal Kingdom BOSSERETTE Street Boss WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
27 Filly Empire Way BOSSY BELLE Street Boss LOVACRES RANCH California    
28 Filly Munnings BRANDYAFTERDINNER Afleet Alex H & E RANCH Kentucky    
29 Filly U S Ranger BRILLIANT MOVE Dance Brightly HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
30 Colt Square Eddie CAAN Crowning Storm MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
31 Colt Creative Cause CALIFORNIA CURL Curlin HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
33 Filly Slew's Tiznow CANDY FOREST Candy Ride (ARG) HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
34 Filly Street Boss CARMEN'S MYSTERY War Front HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
35 Filly Bluegrass Cat CARRIE'S A JEWEL Slewdledo CRITTER CREEK FARM California    
36 Filly Animal Kingdom CASA PIPPO Deputy Commander CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS Kentucky    
37 Colt Algorithms CAUTION SIGN Mr. Greeley CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
38 Filly U S Ranger CEDRAT (FR) Enrique (GB) HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
39 Colt U S Ranger CELTIC ROSE Freud HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
40 Filly Time to Get Even CHALLENGING Pleasantly Perfect LOVACRES RANCH California    
41 Filly U S Ranger CHALULA ONE Bertrando HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
42 Filly Tapiture CHAMPAGNE EXCHANGE Exchange Rate BAR C RACING STABLES California    
43 Colt Smiling Tiger CHANCEOFALIFETIME Pentelicus WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
44 Colt Smiling Tiger CHATI VALLEY Globalize WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
45 Filly Grazen CHELCEE'S HOPE Bartok (IRE) FLEMING THOROUGHBRED FARM California    
46 Colt Bluegrass Cat CHETAK (IRE) Halling BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
47 Filly Grazen CIELO DULCE Cahill Road CRITTER CREEK FARM California    
48 Colt Creative Cause CITY ANGEL City Zip MCKEE BLOODSTOCK Florida    
49 Filly Tom's Tribute CLAIR ANNETTE Beau Genius CRITTER CREEK FARM California    
50 Filly Upstart COMPLIMENTARY Congrats H & E RANCH California    
51 Filly Haynesfield COUNTRY WHIRL Country Light CRITTER CREEK FARM California    
52 Filly Get Stormy CRYPTO'S WILD Cryptoclearance LOVACRES RANCH California    
53 Filly Grazen CURVY GIRL Distorted Humor HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
54 Filly Haynesfield CUTE AS A BUG Bold Badgett WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
55 Filly Grazen DARE TO IMPRESS Colonel John HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
56 Colt Mr. Big DEMOCRATIC SWEEP Gotham City WOODBRIDGE FARM Kentucky    
57 Colt Govenor Charlie DESERT TONY Desert Code LOVACRES RANCH California    
58 Colt Smart Bid DIAL A DATE Artie Schiller BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
59 Filly Awesome Again DINKERS DOLL Thisnearlywasmine MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
60 Filly Tom's Tribute DISKO DASKO (FR) Country Reel MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
61 Colt Mucho Macho Man DO THE CHARLESTON Master Command BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
62 Filly Kitten's Joy DOUBLE FACED More Than Ready CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
63 Colt Creative Cause DOWNHILL DIVA Swiss Yodeler HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
64 Colt Idiot Proof EDAMAME Bold Executive HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
66 Filly Vronsky EGYPTIAN EMPIRE Pioneerof the Nile EASTERBROOK LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT California    
67 Colt Hard Spun ELEMENTAL METAL Smart Strike BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
68 Filly Animal Kingdom ELLOLUV Gilded Time CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
69 Colt Summer Front ELUSIVE FLOWER Harlan's Holiday WILLOW TREE FARM Kentucky    
70 Filly Artie Schiller ENGLISH CARAMAC English Channel FLEMING THOROUGHBRED FARM California    
71 Colt Smiling Tiger ENGLISH ROYAL City Zip WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
72 Colt Square Eddie EPISTEMOLOGY War Front MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
73 Colt Curlin to Mischief E Z JOURNEY Good Journey HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
74 Filly Empire Way FEATURE ATTRACTION Roman Ruler HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
75 Filly Twirling Candy FEELING CATTY Courageous Cat BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
77 Filly Maclean's Music FOLLOWING A DREAM Tiznow HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
78 Colt Palace FREESIA Flower Alley WILLOW TREE FARM California    
79 Colt Warrior's Reward FUJITA SCALE Distorted Humor THE COLE RANCH California    
80 Filly Square Eddie FULL OF SUGAR Candy Ride (ARG) MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
81 Filly Unusual Heatwave GAMBLER'S JUSTICE Lit de Justice RAMON GONZALEZ New Mexico    
82 Filly Govenor Charlie GHOSTLY Ghostzapper MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
83 Filly Winning Cause GHOST OF A CHANCE Ghostzapper BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
84 Gelding Commissioner GIA IS A BELLA Unusual Heat MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
85 Colt Competitive Edge GIDGET GIRL Sky Mesa MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
86 Colt Mineshaft GLAMOUR CAT Tale of the Cat WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
87 Filly Winning Cause GOLDEN REFLECTION Medaglia d'Oro BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
88 Colt Tizbud GOSSIP QUEEN Grand Slam CRITTER CREEK FARM California    
89 Filly Curlin to Mischief GRAND ADVICE Mr. Greeley CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
90 Filly Creative Cause GRAND YODELER Swiss Yodeler HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
91 Colt Smiling Tiger HALO INDYGO Indygo Shiner EASTERBROOK LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT California    
92 Colt Smiling Tiger HARD WAY TEN Rock Hard Ten FAIRVIEW FARM California    
93 Colt Surf Cat HELLUVA HOOLEY Touch Gold HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
94 Colt Shackleford HIGH BUTTON SHOES Carson City BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
95 Colt Palace Malice HOLY ACADEMY Royal Academy LOVACRES RANCH California    
96 Filly Tonalist HONG KONG LAKE Friends Lake WILLOW TREE FARM California    
97 Colt Flashback I AIN'T GONNA LIE Monarchos LOVACRES RANCH California    
98 Filly Smart Bid INCREDIBLE TEN Rock Hard Ten BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
100 Colt Fast Anna INSOLVENT Big Brown MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
101 Filly Smiling Tiger IN THIS LIFE Ghostzapper MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
102 Filly Desert Code INTRIGUING Aragorn (IRE) WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
103 Colt Mr. Big IRISH EXCHANGE Exchange Rate HARRIS FARMS California    
104 Colt Point of Entry JADE WITH ENVY Ten Most Wanted EASTERBROOK LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT California    
105 Filly Tom's Tribute JAZZ ON THE BEACH (GB) Footstepsinthesand (GB) MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
106 Filly Flat Out JET SET GIRL Unusual Heat THE COLE RANCH California    
108 Colt Winning Cause JULIET MY LOVE Shakespeare BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
109 Filly Smiling Tiger JULIO'S GOLD Brother Derek COLLEEN TURPIN-BOYCE California    
110 Colt Midshipman JUST A FLASH Henny Hughes CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS Kentucky    
111 Colt Merit Man KESTREL Birdstone CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
112 Filly Haynesfield KEY LIME PIE Bright Launch HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
113 Filly Clubhouse Ride KIND LADY Sir Cat RAMON GONZALEZ New Mexico    
114 Filly Smiling Tiger KING CITY KITTY Gotham City CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
115 Colt Bluegrass Cat KISS MY SWISS Swiss Yodeler BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
116 Filly Clubhouse Ride KITTY MARIE Stormin Fever WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
117 Colt Dads Caps LADYLORE Video Ranger BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
118 Filly He Be Fire N Ice LA FILLE DU ROI Leroidesanimaux (BRZ) CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
119 Colt Haynesfield LAMAZONE Lemon Drop Kid HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
120 Colt Cairo Prince LA TREIZIEME French Deputy HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
121 Filly Square Eddie LAUREN'S EXPORT Lonhro (AUS) BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
122 Colt Empire Way LETSGOTOVEGAS Indian Charlie LOVACRES RANCH California    
124 Colt Competitive Edge LINDA LOU Dixie Union JULIE ADAIR STACK California    
125 Colt Bluegrass Cat LISA LULU Unusual Heat BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
126 Filly Square Eddie LITTLE TREASURE (ITY) Invincible Spirit (IRE) MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
127 Filly Smiling Tiger LIVE THE FORTH Easing Along WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
128 Filly Smiling Tiger LOFTY AMBITION Sky Mesa HARRIS FARMS California    
129 Filly Richard's Kid LOIRE VALLEY Hennessy EASTERBROOK LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT California    
130 Colt Will Take Charge LOST BUS Bring the Heat LOVACRES RANCH California    
131 Filly Haynesfield LOVE YOU SO War Chant WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
132 Filly Phantom Wildcat LUCKY LASS Red Bullet BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
133 Filly Grazen LUCKY S. J. Lucky J. H. HARRIS FARMS California    
134 Colt First Samurai LULA TALULLAH More Than Ready HARRIS FARMS California    
135 Filly Animal Kingdom MACCHIATO Hard Spun LOVACRES RANCH California    
136 Colt U S Ranger MADRE LUNA Rahy HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
137 Filly Cairo Prince MAGNETIC Forestry HARRIS FARMS California    
138 Filly Phantom Wildcat MA KA BET Artax MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
139 Gelding Acclamation MALIBU BUCKLEBUNNY Malibu Moon MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
140 Colt Acclamation MAMACOOLMAMACOOL Colonel John HARRIS FARMS California    
141 Colt Street Boss MANAAL Bahri BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
142 Colt Hoorayforhollywood MARIAH'S DANCER Bienamado BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
143 Colt Sky Mesa MARY COUGHLAN Gulch FAIRVIEW FARM California    
144 Filly Ethnic Dance MATHAAYIL Daaher MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
145 Colt Mr. Big MEMORETTE Memo (CHI) HARRIS FARMS California    
146 Filly Air Force Blue MIGHTY FRIO Pulpit BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
147 Filly Verrazano MILES RULES Tribal Rule HAVENS BLOODSTOCK Kentucky    
148 Colt Palace Malice MILWAUKEE WOMAN Milwaukee Brew LOVACRES RANCH California    
149 Colt Strong Mandate MINT TWIST Candy Ride (ARG) HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
150 Colt Mr. Big MISS GRAZIELLA Mutakddim HARRIS FARMS California    
151 Filly Clubhouse Ride MISS RHYTHMIC Rhythm HARRIS FARMS California    
152 Colt Curlin to Mischief MIZ KOOL Ice Age HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
153 Colt Merit Man MIZZILLI Mizzen Mast CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
154 Filly Boisterous MOM NANA PETRIE Into Mischief HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
155 Colt Goldencents MONEY PLAYS Mr. Greeley HARRIS FARMS California    
156 Filly Vronsky MONSTRO NESS Rock Hard Ten COLLEEN TURPIN-BOYCE California    
157 Filly Smiling Tiger MOONSTONE MAGIC Malibu Moon HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
158 Filly Smiling Tiger MOURETTE Smart Strike HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
159 Filly Goldencents MS GLORY BE Monarchos HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
160 Colt Circumference (IRE) MUSICAL SPIRIT Tribal Rule BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
161 Filly Will Take Charge MY DUE PROCESS Henny Hughes FAIRVIEW FARM California    
162 Colt Curlin to Mischief MYSTIC VOYAGE Good Journey HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
164 Colt Daredevil NILE DELTA Pioneerof the Nile BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
165 Colt Bodemeister NOBLE GREY Forestry H & E RANCH Kentucky    
166 Colt Into Mischief NORTH FREEWAY Jump Start FAIRVIEW FARM California    
167 Filly Typhoon Slew OBLIGATED Smart Strike HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
168 Colt Run Away and Hide OFFICER ALLIE Officer WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
169 Filly Ministers Wild Cat ONCE UPON A SONG Songandaprayer CRITTER CREEK FARM California    
170 Filly Will Take Charge OUR RAFAELA Dynaformer BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
171 Filly Dads Caps OVERTHETOP Broken Vow BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
172 Filly Square Eddie PALEO (IRE) Indian Ridge (IRE) MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
173 Colt Hard Spun PAMONA BALL Pleasantly Perfect HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
174 Filly Mr. Big PATSY G AND ME Unusual Heat HARRIS FARMS California    
175 Filly Strong Mandate PEOPLE POWER After Market BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
176 Colt Smiling Tiger PERFECT RHYME Benchmark HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
177 Filly Grazen PICTURESQUE HARBOR Harbor the Gold CRITTER CREEK FARM California    
178 Colt Tapiture PLEASURE CRUISE Pleasantly Perfect BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
179 Filly Violence POINT CHANEL Point Given MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
180 Colt Verrazano PRAISE BE Pulpit HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
181 Filly Mr. Big PRESHOW Bertrando HARRIS FARMS California    
183 Colt Roi Charmant PRETTY PEGGY Unusual Heat CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
184 Filly Haynesfield PRINCESS AMELIE Bertrando HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
185 Filly Smart Bid PROMISES PROMISES Dixie Union HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
186 Filly Square Eddie PROM TIME Tale of the Cat FAIRVIEW FARM California    
187 Colt Mr. Big PROPERO Yes It's True HARRIS FARMS California    
188 Filly Northern Causeway PROTECT FREEDOM In Excess (IRE) HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
189 Colt Hard Spun PURE Quality Road MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
190 Filly Tom's Tribute PURRFECTLY FITTING Iron Cat MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
191 Filly Mr. Big QUICK CHICK Orientate HARRIS FARMS California    
192 Colt Cross Traffic QUICK WAMPUM Indian Charlie BARTON THOROUGHBREDS Kentucky    
193 Colt Time to Get Even RADIANT BELLE Unbridled's Song LOVACRES RANCH California    
194 Colt Empire Way RAHROSA Invasor (ARG) HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
195 Filly Boat Trip RED BARRIS The Green Monkey WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
196 Filly Competitive Edge REIGN Speightstown LOVACRES RANCH California    
197 Filly Flat Out RENEE'S QUEEN After Market MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
198 Colt Merit Man RIDDLE ME Heatseeker (IRE) CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
199 Filly Will Take Charge RIVER KISS Awesome Gambler LOVACRES RANCH California    
200 Colt Speightster ROCKELLA Tribal Rule CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
201 Colt Summer Front ROYALTON Malibu Moon CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
202 Filly Awesome Again SAINTCERELY Saint Ballado MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
203 Colt Mr. Big SAMBAMZAJAMMIN Heatseeker (IRE) HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
204 Colt Paynter SAM'S SUNNY CITY City Zip FLEMING THOROUGHBRED FARM California    
205 Filly Smiling Tiger SASSY SYNNER Synastry WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
206 Filly Slew's Tiznow SAUSALITA (IRE) Forestry HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
207 Filly Paynter SCAMMONY Tiz Wonderful MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
208 Filly U S Ranger SCENERY CHANGE Royal Academy HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
209 Colt Time to Get Even SEASIDE Aldebaran LOVACRES RANCH California    
210 Filly Point of Entry SECRET SONNET General Meeting EASTERBROOK LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT California    
211 Filly Richard's Kid SENSITIVE SOUL Bernstein EASTERBROOK LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT California    
212 Colt Declaration of War SEOUL GOLD Medaglia d'Oro MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
213 Colt Temple City SERENA'S ECHO Swiss Yodeler THE COLE RANCH California    
214 Filly Coil SHES A REAL KEEPER Unusual Heat CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
215 Filly Smiling Tiger SHE'S SO VAIN Gotham City WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
216 Colt Cairo Prince SHOES TO MATCH Songandaprayer BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
217 Colt Square Eddie SHORTBREAD SCOTTY Bluegrass Cat FAIRVIEW FARM California    
218 Filly Circumference (IRE) SIERRA TARAHUMARA Recap BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
219 Colt Smart Bid SILK OR SATIN Medaglia d'Oro HAVENS BLOODSTOCK Kentucky    
221 Filly Smiling Tiger SILVER SCORE Even the Score WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
222 Colt Run Away and Hide SLICE Sharp Humor EASTERBROOK LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT California    
223 Filly Smiling Tiger SNOBBY PRINCESS Premiership LOVACRES RANCH California    
224 Filly Time to Get Even SOBRESALIENTE El Prado (IRE) LOVACRES RANCH California    
225 Filly Acclamation SOLO LANDING Fusaichi Pegasus BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
226 Colt Tom's Tribute SOME EXCESS In Excess (IRE) MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
227 Colt Mr. Big SOMETHIN' UNUSUAL Unusual Heat HARRIS FARMS California    
228 Filly Time to Get Even SOPHIE'S TROPHY Valid Wager LOVACRES RANCH California    
229 Filly U S Ranger SOPHISTICATED SIS Millennium Allstar HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
230 Filly U S Ranger SOUL FLYER Bertrando HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
231 Colt Haynesfield SOUL IN ONE Perfect Soul (IRE) WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
232 Colt Commissioner SOUTHBOUND SWINGER Distorted Humor LOVACRES RANCH California    
233 Colt Kantharos SOUTHWEST LADY Sightseeing MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
234 Colt Mucho Macho Man SPEIGHTFUL KATE Speightstown WILLOW TREE FARM California    
235 Colt Tizbud SPIRIT CHILD Hennessy RAMON GONZALEZ New Mexico    
236 Filly Winning Cause SPUN CLEAR Hard Spun HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
237 Filly Mizzen Mast STARSHIP DUCHESS Speightstown HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
238 Colt Smiling Tiger STARSILHOUETTE Orientate HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
239 Colt Slew's Tiznow STAY POSITIVE Dixie Chatter HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
240 Colt Mr. Big STEAMY NOVEL Heatseeker (IRE) HARRIS FARMS California    
241 Colt Vancouver (AUS) STOLE A KISS Decarchy EASTERBROOK LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT California    
242 Colt Circumference (IRE) STORMIN NORMA Stormin Fever BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
243 Colt Gervinho STRAWBERRY FLASH Alphabet Soup FAIRVIEW FARM California    
244 Filly Mr. Big STUNNING DRAMA Henny Hughes HARRIS FARMS California    
245 Colt Liam's Map STUNNING LADY Indian Charlie H & E RANCH Kentucky    
246 Colt Mr. Big SUMMERS PEACE Orientate FLEMING THOROUGHBRED FARM California    
248 Filly U S Ranger SURF DANCER Bertrando HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
249 Colt Gone Astray SWEET DREAMIN Najran MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
250 Filly Grazen SWEETEST SECRET Sea of Secrets CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
251 Filly Merit Man TAKING FORM Lion Heart CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
252 Filly Smart Bid TAP THE TILL Tapit BALLENA VISTA FARM California    
253 Colt Mr. Big TASTE THE WILD Taste of Paradise FLEMING THOROUGHBRED FARM California    
254 Colt Smiling Tiger TCHULA MISS Pentelicus EASTERBROOK LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT California    
255 Filly Mr. Big TEMEEKU Unusual Heat HARRIS FARMS California    
256 Filly Gemologist TETRATINA Medaglia d'Oro HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
257 Filly Awesome Again TIZ A MISTRESS Cee's Tizzy BARTON THOROUGHBREDS Kentucky    
258 Colt Shanghai Bobby TORO BONITO El Corredor CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
259 Filly Strong Mandate TOTALLY WORTH IT Congrats FAIRVIEW FARM California    
260 Colt Papa Clem TRIBAL FEATHERS Tribal Rule FAIRVIEW FARM California    
261 Filly Magician (IRE) TRUE CHICK Yes It's True MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
262 Colt Goldencents TUESDAYS WITH P Ghostzapper THE COLE RANCH Kentucky    
263 Filly Mr. Big TWIN SPIRIT Yankee Gentleman HARRIS FARMS California    
264 Filly Mr. Big TWO FACED MOON Malibu Moon HARRIS FARMS California    
265 Filly Northern Causeway UNBRIDLED DESTINY Songandaprayer MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
266 Filly Grace Upon Grace VALID MOVE Valid Expectations LOVACRES RANCH California    
267 Colt Gervinho VEELA Bartok (IRE) WOODBRIDGE FARM Kentucky    
268 Filly Haynesfield VEGAS RULES Tribal Rule EASTERBROOK LIVESTOCK MANAGEMENT California    
269 Filly Majesticperfection VERY FEW DETAILS Great Notion LOVACRES RANCH California    
270 Colt U S Ranger VISUAL TREAT Bertrando HAVENS BLOODSTOCK California    
271 Filly Sky Mesa VIVACIOUS BEAUTY Into Mischief MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
272 Colt Algorithms WARSAW BALLET El Prado (IRE) LOVACRES RANCH California    
273 Colt Hard Spun WEDDING DRESS Medaglia d'Oro LOVACRES RANCH California    
274 Colt Grazen WELKEN Sky Classic H & E RANCH California    
275 Filly Merit Man WHY SO SERIOUS Whywhywhy CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
276 Colt Race Day WILD TICKLE Roar THE COLE RANCH California    
277 Colt Phantom Wildcat WINDY O Olympio BARTON THOROUGHBREDS California    
278 Filly Grazen WONDERFULALICIAANN Tiz Wonderful MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
279 Gelding Grazen WONDERFUL ROBIN Tiz Wonderful MCCARTHY BLOODSTOCK California    
280 Colt Smiling Tiger YEAR OF LIGHT Event of the Year WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
281 Filly Smiling Tiger YEREVAN SKY Menifee WOODBRIDGE FARM California    
282 Filly Jimmy Creed ZIPPIN ALONG City Zip MCKEE BLOODSTOCK California    
283 Colt Temple City MODELS FINALE Silic (FR) CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
284 Colt Acclamation CHAULK O LATTEY Silic (FR) CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS California    
285 Filly Vancouver (AUS) WILD IN THE SADDLE Silic (FR) CHECKMATE THOROUGHBREDS Kentucky