• Ocala Breeders Sales Company

    July Two-Year-Olds & Horses of Racing Age

    July 14-16, 2020


Hip Sex Sire Dam Dam's Sire State Consignor Result Buyer Price
30 - 30 FARM
54 Colt Dominus Queen Brianna Kentucky 30 - 30 FARM    
299 Colt Munnings Union Mettle Florida 30 - 30 FARM    
373 Colt Winslow Homer Afleet Memories Florida 30 - 30 FARM    
699 Colt Anthony's Cross Gerry's Reward Florida 30 - 30 FARM    
848 Colt Not This Time Lavender's Spirit Kentucky 30 - 30 FARM    
Gross = $0
633 Filly Currency Swap Erica Lee Florida A B THOROUGHBREDS    
1002 Filly Uncaptured Grazioso Florida A B THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
Gross = $0
188 Colt Speightstown Spun Cap Kentucky ABG WARRIOR RACING STABLE OUT    
702 Filly Hard Spun Gharbiah Kentucky ABG WARRIOR RACING STABLE    
831 Filly Laoban Kimono New York ABG WARRIOR RACING STABLE    
899 Colt Creative Cause Marquise Miss Kentucky ABG WARRIOR RACING STABLE OUT    
Gross = $0
576 Colt Thoreau Dawn Princess California ADVANCED THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
728 Filly Midshipman Gray Delta Florida ADVANCED THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
29 Filly The Factor Platinum Bride Kentucky ALL DREAMS EQUINE    
355 Filly Air Force Blue Zeta (IRE) Kentucky ALL DREAMS EQUINE    
372 Filly Mineshaft Afleeting Lisa Kentucky ALL DREAMS EQUINE    
408 Filly Mineshaft Approach Kentucky ALL DREAMS EQUINE    
566 Filly Brody's Cause Daddy's Honor Florida ALL DREAMS EQUINE    
584 Colt Big Blue Kitten Delta Sierra Kentucky ALL DREAMS EQUINE    
659 Filly Not This Time Fiftyshadesoffun Kentucky ALL DREAMS EQUINE    
804 Colt Dialed In Jessicaisbackagain Florida ALL DREAMS EQUINE OUT    
981 Colt Liam's Map One Foxy Grey Kentucky ALL DREAMS EQUINE OUT    
Gross = $0
158 Filly Medaglia d'Oro Sigurwana Kentucky ALL IN LINE STABLES    
255 Filly Empire Maker This Cat Can Dance Kentucky ALL IN LINE STABLES OUT    
370 Filly Upstart Aesculus Kentucky ALL IN LINE STABLES    
540 Colt Ironicus Cody Cowgirl Kentucky ALL IN LINE STABLES    
560 Filly Summer Front Cozy Gain New York ALL IN LINE STABLES    
845 Colt Brody's Cause Largesse Kentucky ALL IN LINE STABLES    
921 Colt Oxbow Miss Double d'Oro Kentucky ALL IN LINE STABLES OUT    
943 Filly Munnings Morediamondsplease Kentucky ALL IN LINE STABLES    
982 Colt Conveyance One Little Tear Kentucky ALL IN LINE STABLES    
Gross = $0
394 Colt American Pharoah American Doll Kentucky ALL IN SALES    
690 Filly Declaration of War Funny Bay Kentucky ALL IN SALES OUT    
754 Colt Majestic City Hidden Reality New York ALL IN SALES    
821 Colt Maclean's Music Kathleen L Arkansas ALL IN SALES    
878 Colt Cairo Prince Luminaire Mystique Kentucky ALL IN SALES    
926 Colt Lookin At Lucky Miss Matzo Canada (Ontario) ALL IN SALES    
961 Filly With Distinction Natural Glow Maryland ALL IN SALES OUT    
993 Colt Competitive Edge Write When Ready Texas ALL IN SALES    
1035 Colt Orb Winning Call Kentucky ALL IN SALES    
Gross = $0
139 Filly Brethren Shake Off Florida ARINDEL OUT    
171 Filly Brethren Smart Striking Florida ARINDEL    
313 Filly Brethren Villa Villa Coola Florida ARINDEL    
364 Filly Brethren Ace of Hearts Florida ARINDEL OUT    
425 Filly Brethren Baggio Florida ARINDEL    
494 Filly Dialed In Cartia Florida ARINDEL    
610 Filly Distorted Humor Do Somethin Florida ARINDEL OUT    
689 Colt Majestic City Full of Gut New York ARINDEL    
701 Colt Ghostzapper Getback Time Florida ARINDEL    
706 Gelding Brethren Girl Can Rock Florida ARINDEL OUT    
730 Filly Brethren Green Door Florida ARINDEL    
790 Filly Brethren Invidia Florida ARINDEL OUT    
822 Filly Brethren Katira Florida ARINDEL OUT    
847 Gelding Dialed In Lava Falls Florida ARINDEL    
888 Filly Brethren Magnificentaproval Florida ARINDEL    
957 Filly Brethren Mystic Blue Florida ARINDEL    
964 Filly Brethren Nevelee Florida ARINDEL    
1104 Gelding Brethren Onemiracleatatime Florida ARINDEL OUT    
Gross = $0
409 Colt Verrazano A Prettydixie Kentucky AVP TRAINING AND SALES    
524 Filly He's Had Enough Chocolate Almond Florida AVP TRAINING AND SALES    
624 Filly Effinex Eliana Querida New York AVP TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
646 Filly Strong Mandate Fahime Kentucky AVP TRAINING AND SALES    
729 Filly Overanalyze Greek Citizen Kentucky AVP TRAINING AND SALES    
908 Filly Astrology Midnight Angelus Florida AVP TRAINING AND SALES    
Gross = $0
100 Colt Lemon Drop Kid Ruefully Kentucky AZPURUA STABLES OUT    
287 Colt The Factor Twilite Rendezvous Kentucky AZPURUA STABLES    
614 Filly The Factor Dream Girl New York AZPURUA STABLES    
Gross = $0
191 Filly Overanalyze Stare New York BAGWANDEEN THOROUGHBREDS    
303 Colt Fed Biz U S Dream Kentucky BAGWANDEEN THOROUGHBREDS    
521 Filly Ironicus Chic Shanique Kentucky BAGWANDEEN THOROUGHBREDS    
834 Filly Karakontie (JPN) Kitten Dance Kentucky BAGWANDEEN THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
Gross = $0
34 Colt Two Step Salsa Political Miss Florida BEST A LUCK FARM    
382 Filly Bahamian Squall Albany Park Florida BEST A LUCK FARM    
1054 Colt Hard Spun Catch the Moment Kentucky BEST A LUCK FARM OUT    
1107 Colt Speightster Out of Reach (GB) Kentucky BEST A LUCK FARM OUT    
Gross = $0
31 Filly Overanalyze Pleasant Angel Louisiana BIG EASY    
284 Colt Shanghai Bobby Turn to Lass Kentucky BIG EASY    
496 Colt Upstart Cash in Hand Kentucky BIG EASY    
765 Colt Shackleford Honey Sweet Soul Kentucky BIG EASY    
826 Filly Big Blue Kitten Kendar Spirit (FR) Kentucky BIG EASY    
Gross = $0
28 Colt Jess's Dream Plain Brown Bag Florida BLAS PEREZ STABLES    
142 Colt Chitu Shegoestoeleven Florida BLAS PEREZ STABLES    
599 Filly First Dude Discreet Darling Florida BLAS PEREZ STABLES    
832 Filly Kitten's Joy Kinda Wonderful Kentucky BLAS PEREZ STABLES    
894 Colt Bodemeister Mama's Dia Kentucky BLAS PEREZ STABLES OUT    
1085 Colt Social Inclusion Launch a Double Florida BLAS PEREZ STABLES    
Gross = $0
130 Filly Summer Front Second Cousin Kentucky BLUE RIVER BLOODSTOCK    
383 Colt Half Ours All About Ju Ju Louisiana BLUE RIVER BLOODSTOCK    
541 Colt Verrazano Cold Blooded Florida BLUE RIVER BLOODSTOCK    
572 Filly Social Inclusion Dandy Dulce Florida BLUE RIVER BLOODSTOCK    
839 Filly Palace Lady Halite Florida BLUE RIVER BLOODSTOCK    
1008 Filly Hit It a Bomb Pleasant Aspect Kentucky BLUE RIVER BLOODSTOCK    
Gross = $0
27 Colt Race Day Pistolpackinsenora Kentucky BOBBY DODD    
121 Colt Mizzen Mast Scanning Kentucky BOBBY DODD    
143 Filly Tale of Ekati Shelby's Song Kentucky BOBBY DODD    
212 Filly Liam's Map Suave Voir Faire Kentucky BOBBY DODD OUT    
241 Colt Tiznow Tanglewood Tale New York BOBBY DODD OUT    
346 Colt Nyquist Yanquee Reign New York BOBBY DODD OUT    
466 Filly Not This Time Boot Scoot N Run Kentucky BOBBY DODD OUT    
511 Colt Into Mischief Chantess Kentucky BOBBY DODD OUT    
592 Filly Outwork Dia de Encanta New York BOBBY DODD OUT    
698 Filly Bernardini Gentle Gale New York BOBBY DODD OUT    
725 Filly Wicked Strong Grand Wish Kentucky BOBBY DODD    
763 Colt Bernardini Honest Gold Florida BOBBY DODD OUT    
901 Filly Union Rags Maybellene Kentucky BOBBY DODD OUT    
917 Colt American Pharoah Mir Cat Kentucky BOBBY DODD OUT    
946 Filly Air Force Blue More Than Sweet Kentucky BOBBY DODD    
954 Filly Congrats Myself New York BOBBY DODD OUT    
987 Colt Goldencents Our Rockin Ruby Kentucky BOBBY DODD OUT    
992 Filly Goldencents Secret Song Florida BOBBY DODD    
998 Filly Majesticperfection Brilliant Roo Florida BOBBY DODD OUT    
1000 Filly Take Charge Indy Dattts Regal Kentucky BOBBY DODD    
Gross = $0
531 Filly Prospective Circular Rainbow Florida BOBBY JONES EQUINE    
559 Colt He's Had Enough Course I'll Wynn Florida BOBBY JONES EQUINE OUT    
Gross = $0
1055 Colt Upstart Celtic Gift Kentucky BOLD ARROW THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
169 Gelding Uncaptured Smart N Lonely Florida BOUTTE SALES    
222 Gelding Ghostzapper Sunlight Cat Kentucky BOUTTE SALES OUT    
340 Filly Vancouver (AUS) Woollahra Kentucky BOUTTE SALES    
390 Gelding Speightster All Woman Louisiana BOUTTE SALES OUT    
395 Gelding Flat Out America's Lady Kentucky BOUTTE SALES    
398 Filly Not This Time Anea Kentucky BOUTTE SALES    
432 Gelding Graydar Bayou Bride Florida BOUTTE SALES    
474 Colt Jack Milton Breeze Bayou Kentucky BOUTTE SALES OUT    
497 Filly Exaggerator Cash Is Queen Kentucky BOUTTE SALES    
596 Filly Bodemeister Diamonds Please Kentucky BOUTTE SALES OUT    
649 Filly Field Commission Fanlight Fanny Florida BOUTTE SALES    
654 Filly Midshipman Fashion Street Kentucky BOUTTE SALES    
784 Filly Fed Biz In a Cloud Kentucky BOUTTE SALES OUT    
814 Gelding Greeley's Galaxy Just Alex Louisiana BOUTTE SALES OUT    
911 Colt Apriority Mindemoya Louisiana BOUTTE SALES    
Gross = $0
49 Filly Into Mischief Prospective Saint Kentucky BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS    
59 Filly Wicked Strong Quiet Action Canada (Ontario) BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS    
120 Colt Air Force Blue Savviest Louisiana BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS    
122 Filly Cairo Prince Scarlett D'Herea New York BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS    
176 Colt Super Saver Song of My Heart Kentucky BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS    
259 Colt Speightster Time Given Kentucky BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS    
461 Filly Laoban Bluegrass Gin New York BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS    
682 Colt Outwork French Link New York BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
704 Filly Skipshot Giants Diva Kentucky BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
733 Filly Skipshot Gymnast Jadie Kentucky BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
929 Colt Brody's Cause Miss Pippa Kentucky BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
963 Filly Outwork Nero's Pleasure New York BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS    
970 Filly Flashback Nospeightintended Kentucky BRICK CITY THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
Gross = $0
64 Colt Diamond Rapid Bull Oklahoma BRYAN FORD    
81 Filly Cairo Prince Rico's Posse New York BRYAN FORD    
89 Filly Shackleford Rosalie's Pleasure Oklahoma BRYAN FORD    
378 Filly Anchor Down A Girl Named Macy Oklahoma BRYAN FORD    
562 Colt Vancouver (AUS) Crane Beach Kentucky BRYAN FORD    
890 Colt Awesome Again Magnolia Steel Oklahoma BRYAN FORD    
932 Filly Majestic City Missteria New York BRYAN FORD    
1109 Filly Tapiture Softly Singing Louisiana BRYAN FORD    
Gross = $0
347 Filly Tapiture Yes It's Barbara Kentucky C & J STABLE OUT    
446 Filly Vancouver (AUS) Bellameister New York C & J STABLE OUT    
452 Filly Goldencents Bertha Jo Kentucky C & J STABLE    
621 Filly Flat Out Ela Enta (GB) Ohio C & J STABLE    
641 Colt Speightster Expect Amazing (IRE) Kentucky C & J STABLE OUT    
691 Colt Mshawish Galanty Show (GB) Kentucky C & J STABLE OUT    
Gross = $0
463 Colt Cairo Prince Bonjour Belle Kentucky CESAR EQUINE    
684 Filly Winslow Homer Friends Pro Florida CESAR EQUINE    
850 Colt Tapiture Lazulite Kentucky CESAR EQUINE    
Gross = $0
105 Filly Tiznow Sabel Browne (IRE) New York CLASSIC BLOODSTOCK OUT    
606 Filly Effinex Dollar Mama New York CLASSIC BLOODSTOCK    
609 Colt Japan Dorm Fever New York CLASSIC BLOODSTOCK OUT    
669 Filly California Chrome Fitz Just Right New York CLASSIC BLOODSTOCK OUT    
786 Filly Itsmyluckyday Indian Splendor New York CLASSIC BLOODSTOCK OUT    
Gross = $0
150 Colt Revolutionary Shessuchastandout Florida CLASSIC EQUINE    
388 Colt Overdriven Allison's Alibi Florida CLASSIC EQUINE    
731 Filly Jess's Dream Grey Empress Florida CLASSIC EQUINE    
919 Filly Maclean's Music Miss Bean Wah New York CLASSIC EQUINE    
935 Colt V. E. Day Modern Girl New York CLASSIC EQUINE    
Gross = $0
15 Filly Shackleford Peace Queen New York COASTAL EQUINE    
18 Colt Carpe Diem Pelago Kentucky COASTAL EQUINE    
104 Filly Dialed In Saaraband Kentucky COASTAL EQUINE OUT    
257 Colt Orb Thunder Rose Kentucky COASTAL EQUINE    
297 Filly Flat Out Unbridled Magic Kentucky COASTAL EQUINE OUT    
300 Filly Golden Ticket Unshackled Rouge New York COASTAL EQUINE    
542 Filly Dialed In Collusion New York COASTAL EQUINE    
764 Colt Silent Name (JPN) Honey Ryder Canada (Ontario) COASTAL EQUINE OUT    
792 Colt Central Banker Irish Heiress New York COASTAL EQUINE    
869 Gelding Will Take Charge Love Abounds Kentucky COASTAL EQUINE    
880 Filly Shackleford Lunar Landing Kentucky COASTAL EQUINE    
937 Colt Hit It a Bomb Mom's Night Out Kentucky COASTAL EQUINE    
977 Filly Strong Mandate Officer Big Red Kentucky COASTAL EQUINE    
983 Colt Laoban One Look New York COASTAL EQUINE    
Gross = $0
62 Filly The Factor Race Lady Kentucky CRAIG L. WHEELER OUT    
662 Filly Gone Astray Finest Silver Florida CRAIG L. WHEELER OUT    
928 Colt Verrazano Miss Narcissist Kentucky CRAIG L. WHEELER    
1095 Colt Chitu Miss Rhonda Florida CRAIG L. WHEELER OUT    
Gross = $0
68 Ridgling Python R B's Angel Washington CROWNSWAY SOUTH    
140 Colt Python Shame On Lily Washington CROWNSWAY SOUTH    
387 Filly Python All Good Things Kentucky CROWNSWAY SOUTH    
679 Gelding Fed Biz Franchesca Kentucky CROWNSWAY SOUTH    
1006 Filly Aikenite Persist Kentucky CROWNSWAY SOUTH    
1009 Filly Producer (GB) Porspoder (IRE) Kentucky CROWNSWAY SOUTH    
Gross = $0
78 Colt Into Mischief Renards Lapin Kentucky DARK STAR THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
116 Colt Union Rags Sangrita Kentucky DARK STAR THOROUGHBREDS    
200 Colt Honor Code Storm Hearted Kentucky DARK STAR THOROUGHBREDS    
264 Colt Curlin Tizavision Kentucky DARK STAR THOROUGHBREDS    
338 Colt Lea Woodford Tea New York DARK STAR THOROUGHBREDS    
448 Filly Carpe Diem Bella Paella Kentucky DARK STAR THOROUGHBREDS    
460 Colt Flatter Blueeyesintherein Kentucky DARK STAR THOROUGHBREDS    
543 Filly Will Take Charge Colonel Joan Kentucky DARK STAR THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
Gross = $0
312 Colt Congrats Villano New York DE ANDA SALES OUT    
945 Colt Temple City Morethanbeautiful Kentucky DE ANDA SALES    
Gross = $0
6 Colt Into Mischief Paradise Alley Florida DE MERIC SALES OUT    
10 Colt Paynter Passeporta Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
14 Colt More Than Ready Peace Preserver Florida DE MERIC SALES OUT    
20 Colt Tapiture Perfect Moment Louisiana DE MERIC SALES OUT    
35 Colt Kantharos Polomint Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
36 Filly Quality Road Polyester Florida DE MERIC SALES OUT    
65 Filly The Big Beast Rare Air Florida DE MERIC SALES OUT    
77 Colt Palace Malice Reliquary Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
79 Filly American Pharoah Renee's Titan Florida DE MERIC SALES OUT    
102 Filly Bismarck Tullio Run Carly Run Florida DE MERIC SALES OUT    
114 Colt Twirling Candy Salty Mo Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
228 Filly Flatter Sweet Carrie Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
229 Colt Empire Maker Sweetest Sound Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
267 Colt Will Take Charge Too Shy Shy Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
288 Colt Liam's Map Twinkling Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
315 Filly Honor Code Violinist Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
316 Filly Carpe Diem Von Rosenberg Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
328 Colt Air Force Blue Whispering Softly Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
331 Filly Kantharos Wildcat Heiress Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
348 Filly Bahamian Squall Yes Its Factual Florida DE MERIC SALES OUT    
357 Filly Into Mischief Zloty Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
361 Colt Anchor Down Abounding Love Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
363 Filly Curlin Academic Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
379 Colt Runhappy Aguadilla Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
430 Filly Golden Ticket Bares Tripper New York DE MERIC SALES    
439 Colt Kantharos Bedside Posse New York DE MERIC SALES    
479 Filly Speightster Brown Eyes Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
481 Colt Cairo Prince Brush Up Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
482 Filly American Pharoah Bubbles and Babies Canada (Ontario) DE MERIC SALES    
485 Filly Empire Maker Calais Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
500 Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Cat Fight Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
507 Filly Frosted Celestial Kitten Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
565 Filly Union Rags Czechers Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
567 Colt Liam's Map Dad'ssilverpitcher Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
585 Colt Speightster Denali Red Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
588 Colt Commissioner Devil's Backbone Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
594 Filly Sky Mesa Diamondinthestream Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
601 Filly Union Rags Distorted Lies Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
616 Colt Tourist Dushlan Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
640 Filly Not This Time Exotic Design New York DE MERIC SALES    
642 Filly Giant's Causeway Experience (IRE) Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
664 Colt Vancouver (AUS) Fire and Flame Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
672 Colt Laoban Flash Act New York DE MERIC SALES OUT    
720 Colt Ghostzapper Go Unbridled New York DE MERIC SALES OUT    
769 Filly American Pharoah Hope Rules Kentucky DE MERIC SALES    
774 Colt Elusive Quality Humble Song Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
793 Colt Uncle Mo Island Saint Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
801 Colt Majesticperfection Jaycee's Humor Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
846 Filly Flat Out Latin Rocks Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
860 Colt Upstart Literary Lady New York DE MERIC SALES    
905 Filly Bodemeister Memento d'Oro New York DE MERIC SALES    
942 Filly Brody's Cause Moonshot Florida DE MERIC SALES OUT    
952 Colt Uncaptured My Novena Florida DE MERIC SALES OUT    
985 Filly Tale of the Cat One True Love (IRE) Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
1059 Filly Lemon Drop Kid Criminologist Kentucky DE MERIC SALES OUT    
1097 Filly Union Rags Moon Orbit Florida DE MERIC SALES    
Gross = $0
619 Gelding Super Ninety Nine Easy Mover Maryland DEAN'S LIST OUT    
653 Filly Macho Uno Fashion Forward New York DEAN'S LIST OUT    
Gross = $0
76 Filly Fury Kapcori Religious Type Florida DOBLE JAK    
164 Filly Ride On Curlin Simpatia Florida DOBLE JAK OUT    
Gross = $0
306 Filly Rattlesnake Bridge Venetia Florida DOUBLE TAP SALES    
Gross = $0
563 Colt Gemologist Cry Cry Cry Kentucky DYNASTY THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
Gross = $0
40 Filly Bodemeister Prall Street Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
57 Colt Frosted Queens Full Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
82 Filly Frosted Ride to Houston Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
92 Colt Pioneerof the Nile Rose to Gold Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
99 Filly Upstart Ruby Pumps Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
106 Filly Carpe Diem Sabi Sands California EDDIE WOODS    
123 Filly Frosted Schiaparelli Kentucky EDDIE WOODS OUT    
124 Colt Bayern Screen Gem Kentucky EDDIE WOODS OUT    
126 Filly Verrazano Search and Seizure Kentucky EDDIE WOODS OUT    
151 Colt Uncle Mo Shine Again Kentucky EDDIE WOODS OUT    
159 Filly Micromanage Silence Dogood New York EDDIE WOODS    
170 Colt Jess's Dream Smart Spin Florida EDDIE WOODS    
211 Colt Liam's Map Stunning Lady Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
215 Colt Laoban Sugar Boss New York EDDIE WOODS OUT    
248 Filly Optimizer Terrify Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
286 Colt Soldat Twilight Mirage Florida EDDIE WOODS OUT    
342 Colt Cairo Prince Written Request Maryland EDDIE WOODS    
352 Colt Constitution You Make Me Sing Kentucky EDDIE WOODS OUT    
369 Filly Central Banker Adriatic Dream New York EDDIE WOODS    
453 Colt Honor Code Better Be Better Kentucky EDDIE WOODS OUT    
490 Filly Dialed In Candy Sioux Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
512 Colt Pioneerof the Nile Charge of Angels Kentucky EDDIE WOODS OUT    
523 Colt Munnings Chit Chatter Kentucky EDDIE WOODS OUT    
526 Colt Honor Code Chorale Kentucky EDDIE WOODS OUT    
724 Colt Malibu Moon Grand Pauline Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
771 Colt Empire Maker Hot Summer Kentucky EDDIE WOODS OUT    
782 Colt Cairo Prince Imimpeccable Florida EDDIE WOODS    
783 Colt Not This Time Impetuous Youth Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
815 Colt Quality Road Justaroundmidnight (IRE) Kentucky EDDIE WOODS OUT    
818 Filly Union Rags Kadira Pennsylvania EDDIE WOODS    
865 Colt Union Rags Lookout Lady Pennsylvania EDDIE WOODS OUT    
868 Colt Declaration of War Louve Royale (IRE) Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
876 Colt Cinco Charlie Lucky Path Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
973 Filly Liam's Map Not Tonight Kentucky EDDIE WOODS    
Gross = $0
238 Filly Twirling Candy Tale of Glory Kentucky ENDS WELL    
278 Colt Bernardini Triumphantly Kentucky ENDS WELL    
351 Gelding Shackleford You Laughin Kentucky ENDS WELL    
376 Filly Honor Code A Gala Day Kentucky ENDS WELL    
904 Filly Munnings Medaglia d'Argento Kentucky ENDS WELL    
Gross = $0
17 Filly Carpe Diem Peisinoe Florida ENVISION EQUINE OUT    
253 Colt Fast Anna There I Go Florida ENVISION EQUINE    
292 Filly Fast Anna Two Trail Sioux Kentucky ENVISION EQUINE OUT    
434 Colt Exaggerator Beale Street Belle California ENVISION EQUINE OUT    
716 Colt Laoban Goldstreak New York ENVISION EQUINE OUT    
955 Filly Distorted Humor My Spanx Kentucky ENVISION EQUINE OUT    
Gross = $0
755 Colt Will Take Charge Hiding Kentucky EQUEST THOUGHBREDS OUT    
Gross = $0
69 Filly Mshawish Readygetsgold Kentucky ERIBERTO OLIVAS    
Gross = $0
8 Colt You Luckie Mann Party of Eight Florida FABIAN SALES OUT    
109 Colt Missing Element Saint Barbara Florida FABIAN SALES OUT    
178 Colt You Luckie Mann Sorta Sassy Florida FABIAN SALES OUT    
227 Filly You Luckie Mann Suzanne Florida FABIAN SALES    
404 Filly Bodemeister Anyday Kentucky FABIAN SALES    
492 Colt Shackleford Capri Song Kentucky FABIAN SALES    
628 Colt Optimizer Emosewa Kentucky FABIAN SALES    
681 Colt First Samurai French Bride Kentucky FABIAN SALES    
712 Filly Secret Circle Golden Lady Kentucky FABIAN SALES    
857 Colt Shackleford Life At Ten Kentucky FABIAN SALES OUT    
Gross = $0
173 Colt Morning Line Snow Trial Florida FARM III ENTERPRISES    
213 Colt Tale of the Cat Successful Sarah Kentucky FARM III ENTERPRISES    
556 Colt Tale of the Cat Country Drive Kentucky FARM III ENTERPRISES    
995 Colt Rock Hampton Swain Lake Florida FARM III ENTERPRISES OUT    
Gross = $0
441 Filly Skipshot Behavioral Finance Kentucky FAST HORSES OUT    
459 Colt Exaggerator Blue Catillac New York FAST HORSES    
Gross = $0
181 Filly First Samurai Spank Kentucky FLYING FISH    
209 Filly Goldencents Strong American Kentucky FLYING FISH OUT    
325 Filly Upstart West Kentucky Kentucky FLYING FISH    
393 Colt Channeled Amaretta Kentucky FLYING FISH OUT    
513 Filly Texas Red Charlotte's Di Kentucky FLYING FISH OUT    
748 Filly Channeled Heaven's Song Kentucky FLYING FISH OUT    
820 Filly Central Banker Kaleidoscopic New York FLYING FISH    
Gross = $0
9 Filly Drill Passage of Time Florida G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES    
51 Filly Jack Milton Purely Promising Kentucky G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES    
71 Colt Bellamy Road Real Clever Trick New York G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES    
84 Colt Flintshire (GB) Ristretta Kentucky G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES    
380 Filly Jack Milton Ain't She Classy Kentucky G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES OUT    
401 Filly Effinex Annie Roe New York G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES    
421 Filly War Dancer Aware New York G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES    
495 Filly Dialed In Casanova Kiddo Kentucky G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES OUT    
637 Gelding Golden Ticket Evangeline's Hope New York G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES OUT    
677 Colt Lookin At Lucky Found a Diamond Kentucky G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES    
680 Colt Dialed In Freedom Ridge Kentucky G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES    
683 Colt Effinex Freuda New York G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES    
713 Filly Can the Man Golden Po Kentucky G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES    
997 Filly Golden Ticket Wellingtons Appeal New York G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES OUT    
1001 Filly Langfuhr Exclusive Woman New York G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES OUT    
1004 Filly Japan Dancewiththebride New York G. A. THOROUGHBRED SALES    
Gross = $0
42 Colt Creative Cause Precious Lady Florida GAYLE WOODS    
47 Filly Mizzen Mast Princess Eliza Kentucky GAYLE WOODS OUT    
60 Filly Competitive Edge Quinnsworth Kentucky GAYLE WOODS OUT    
138 Filly Fast Anna Shadow Giant California GAYLE WOODS    
301 Filly Quality Road Unusual Way Kentucky GAYLE WOODS    
305 Filly Munnings Vallee des Reves Kentucky GAYLE WOODS    
427 Filly Uncle Mo Bama Belle Kentucky GAYLE WOODS    
746 Filly Frosted Heart of Destiny Kentucky GAYLE WOODS    
799 Filly Noble Mission (GB) Jadira Kentucky GAYLE WOODS    
895 Filly Kitten's Joy Mambo Fever Kentucky GAYLE WOODS    
972 Filly Tonalist Notte d'Oro New York GAYLE WOODS    
Gross = $0
43 Filly Frosted Precious Stone (IRE) Great Britain GENE RECIO OUT    
128 Colt Munnings Seaside Treasure California GENE RECIO OUT    
193 Colt Liam's Map Star of Munster Kentucky GENE RECIO OUT    
256 Colt Uncle Mo Thisonesforricky Kentucky GENE RECIO    
298 Filly Tapit Unbridled's Bella Kentucky GENE RECIO OUT    
354 Filly Munnings Zapparition Kentucky GENE RECIO    
385 Filly Violence Allegory Kentucky GENE RECIO    
457 Filly Tourist Blue Bird Lady Kentucky GENE RECIO OUT    
504 Colt Big Blue Kitten Causey Kentucky GENE RECIO    
525 Filly Maclean's Music Chokonni Kentucky GENE RECIO    
582 Colt Uncaptured Defying Gravity Florida GENE RECIO    
675 Colt Blame Forest Queen Kentucky GENE RECIO OUT    
694 Filly Outwork Gasp Kentucky GENE RECIO OUT    
838 Colt Dialed In Kuhlu Kentucky GENE RECIO OUT    
897 Colt Munnings Maracuya Kentucky GENE RECIO OUT    
Gross = $0
88 Colt Upstart Ron's Girl Kentucky GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS    
108 Colt Wicked Strong Said and Done Kentucky GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS    
148 Filly Speightster She's So Cosmo Kentucky GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS OUT    
167 Colt Ride On Curlin Skinny Margarita Florida GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS    
208 Colt Power Broker Striking Example Kentucky GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS    
214 Colt Normandy Invasion Sugar Beach New York GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS    
233 Colt Street Boss Sweetsoutherndame Kentucky GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS    
319 Colt Bodemeister Weight No More Kentucky GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS    
345 Colt Danza Yankee Glider Kentucky GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS OUT    
546 Colt Paynter Commanding Love Louisiana GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS    
849 Colt Prospective Laynes Road Florida GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS    
871 Filly Gemologist Love Dove Kentucky GOLDEN NOGUEZ STARS    
Gross = $0
21 Filly Super Saver Perfect Seven Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
52 Filly Munnings Purple Trillium Canada (Ontario) GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
85 Filly Bellamy Road Roaming Free New York GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
110 Colt Star Guitar Saintly Joan Louisiana GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
225 Filly Star Guitar Supreme Bean Louisiana GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
226 Colt Constitution Sutton's Smile Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
240 Filly Star Guitar Tambourine Queen Louisiana GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
242 Filly Declaration of War Tapicera Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
309 Filly Speightster Victorious Heart Virginia GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
353 Filly Star Guitar Zaafira Louisiana GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
362 Filly Star Guitar Above Fashion Louisiana GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
374 Filly Uncle Mo A Footstep Away Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
412 Filly Optimizer Araksia Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
414 Colt Congrats Aristo New York GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
435 Filly Star Guitar Bean Peaceful Louisiana GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
535 Colt Star Guitar Class Included Louisiana GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
618 Colt Jess's Dream East Lake Classic Florida GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
644 Colt Oxbow Extravagance Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
656 Colt Jess's Dream Featured Item Florida GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
670 Colt Star Guitar Five Star Momma Louisiana GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
718 Filly Star Guitar Good Human Bean Louisiana GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
777 Colt Tourist Iboughtheranyway Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
778 Filly Tapiture Ice Crystal Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
809 Colt Paynter J R Star Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
830 Filly Anchor Down Kidder Done Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
854 Colt Noble Mission (GB) Lemonsina Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
855 Colt Animal Kingdom Lentini Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
891 Filly Nyquist Mahindar Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
922 Filly Star Guitar Missed Ours Louisiana GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
980 Colt Tamarkuz One for You Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS    
986 Colt Star Guitar Our New Empire Louisiana GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
991 Filly Constitution Secret Return Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
1087 Filly Cross Traffic Lil' Bunny Foo Foo Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
1091 Colt Super Saver Madame Pele Kentucky GOLDEN ROCK THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
Gross = $0
271 Filly Outwork Tornado Juice Kentucky GOLDEN THOROUGHBREDS TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
508 Filly Khozan Celtic Embrace Florida GOLDEN THOROUGHBREDS TRAINING AND SALES    
590 Filly Uncaptured Dewars Rocks Florida GOLDEN THOROUGHBREDS TRAINING AND SALES    
Gross = $0
107 Filly Itsmyluckyday Sadie Florida GOLDENCENTS THOROUGHBREDS    
205 Filly Uncaptured Strategize Florida GOLDENCENTS THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
210 Colt Chitu Strong Threat Florida GOLDENCENTS THOROUGHBREDS    
237 Filly Brody's Cause Tack Room Kentucky GOLDENCENTS THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
94 Colt Aikenite Rossweisse Kentucky GOP RACING STABLE OUT    
879 Colt Congrats Luna Dorada Florida GOP RACING STABLE    
969 Filly Congrats Northern Seas Florida GOP RACING STABLE    
1015 Colt Mineshaft Sandtina Kentucky GOP RACING STABLE OUT    
Gross = $0
63 Filly Soldat Rajpur Road Florida GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
66 Colt Ride On Curlin Rated Xtreme Florida GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
80 Filly Goldencents Rich Pearl Kentucky GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
183 Colt Munnings Spells and Charms Kentucky GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES OUT    
243 Colt Bellamy Road Tapit to Me New York GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
553 Colt Vancouver (AUS) Cool Tears New York GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES OUT    
776 Filly Daaher Hurricane Kitten Kentucky GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
870 Filly Awesome Patriot Love Contract Kentucky GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
902 Colt First Samurai McSpice Florida GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
976 Filly Mizzen Mast Oelectra Kentucky GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
1007 Filly Speightstown Play Pretty Kentucky GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
1039 Colt Perfect Soul (IRE) Aaroness Canada (Ontario) GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
1065 Filly Commissioner Esquece Pennsylvania GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
1110 Colt Teuflesberg Jan Beth Jo New York GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
1114 Colt Speightster Happy Flight Kentucky GRASSROOTS TRAINING & SALES    
Gross = $0
25 Filly Summer Front Pileiton Kentucky GUTIERREZ SALES    
320 Colt Shanghai Bobby Welcome Aboard Kentucky GUTIERREZ SALES    
419 Colt Cairo Prince Aussieaussieaussie Kentucky GUTIERREZ SALES OUT    
436 Filly Tapiture Bear Canyon Kentucky GUTIERREZ SALES    
598 Colt Bodemeister Diana's Thrill Kentucky GUTIERREZ SALES    
623 Colt Strong Mandate Elegant Affair Kentucky GUTIERREZ SALES    
914 Colt Hit It a Bomb Minola Kentucky GUTIERREZ SALES    
916 Filly Oxbow Minx Kentucky GUTIERREZ SALES    
1106 Colt Shackleford Our Julia Kentucky GUTIERREZ SALES    
1111 Filly Cross Traffic De Belle New York GUTIERREZ SALES    
Gross = $0
819 Colt Ride On Curlin Kahina Florida H. J. PARRA RACING STABLES    
Gross = $0
95 Ridgling Super Saver Royale Michele Kentucky HARRIS TRAINING CENTER    
232 Colt Shanghai Bobby Sweet Profit California HARRIS TRAINING CENTER    
323 Colt Tonalist West Coast Swing Kentucky HARRIS TRAINING CENTER    
375 Filly Field Commission After Words Florida HARRIS TRAINING CENTER    
570 Colt First Samurai Dance Fever New York HARRIS TRAINING CENTER    
643 Colt Curlin Extent Kentucky HARRIS TRAINING CENTER    
688 Colt Union Rags Front in Line Kentucky HARRIS TRAINING CENTER    
726 Filly Dialed In Granny's Kat Kentucky HARRIS TRAINING CENTER    
749 Colt Danza Heir Gone Wild Kentucky HARRIS TRAINING CENTER    
968 Filly Chitu Nile Tunes Florida HARRIS TRAINING CENTER    
1003 Colt Commissioner Haunted Lass Kentucky HARRIS TRAINING CENTER OUT    
Gross = $0
157 Filly Kantharos Significant Bling Ohio HARTLEY-DERENZO THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
356 Filly Liam's Map Zia Josie Kentucky HARTLEY-DERENZO THOROUGHBREDS    
371 Colt Street Sense Affect Louisiana HARTLEY-DERENZO THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
428 Filly Runhappy Bamboo Dream Oregon HARTLEY-DERENZO THOROUGHBREDS    
443 Colt G. W.'s Skippie Believe in Magic Arkansas HARTLEY-DERENZO THOROUGHBREDS    
505 Colt Kantharos Cebu Kentucky HARTLEY-DERENZO THOROUGHBREDS    
803 Filly G. W.'s Skippie Jena's Gold Arkansas HARTLEY-DERENZO THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
44 Colt Ghostzapper Pretty Elusive Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
216 Filly Tiznow Sugar Canyon Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
251 Filly More Than Ready The Magic Stone Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE OUT    
268 Colt Strong Mandate Top Babe Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE OUT    
280 Filly Tourist Trophy Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
291 Colt Japan Two Stonesrbettor New York HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
462 Filly Vancouver (AUS) Blue Kisses Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
487 Filly Kitten's Joy Call to Action Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
517 Colt The Factor Cherub Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
536 Filly Lea Clean Eleven Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
549 Filly Milwaukee Brew Conquest Archangel Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
750 Filly Distorted Humor Heleonor Rugby Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
927 Colt Not This Time Miss Mesa Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
967 Colt Hard Spun Niji's Grand Girl Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE OUT    
1014 Filly Paynter Salty Farma New York HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
1024 Colt Exaggerator Surtsey Canada (Ontario) HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
1028 Colt More Than Ready Translator Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
1038 Filly Street Sense Zealous Wildcat Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
1088 Filly Upstart Lion Lemon 'n Lime Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
1100 Filly Outwork My Blue Sky Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
1112 Colt Maclean's Music Skipperdee Maryland HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
1113 Colt Will Take Charge Non Sibi Kentucky HEMINGWAY RACING & TRAINING STABLE    
Gross = $0
635 Filly First Samurai Estrada's Girl Canada (Ontario) HIDDEN BROOK OUT    
Gross = $0
934 Colt Adios Charlie M'Lady Mortimer Florida HILL OF FAITH FARM OUT    
Gross = $0
397 Colt Flintshire (GB) Amie's Dini Kentucky HOBY AND LAYNA KIGHT OUT    
663 Filly Curlin Fioretti Kentucky HOBY AND LAYNA KIGHT OUT    
708 Filly Into Mischief Global Hottie Kentucky HOBY AND LAYNA KIGHT OUT    
948 Filly Nyquist Mother's Milk Kentucky HOBY AND LAYNA KIGHT OUT    
Gross = $0
72 Colt Palace Reamidst Florida HOPPEL'S HORSE AND CATTLE COMPANY    
234 Filly Treasure Beach (GB) Sweet Tart Florida HOPPEL'S HORSE AND CATTLE COMPANY    
269 Colt Hit It a Bomb Top Tier Florida HOPPEL'S HORSE AND CATTLE COMPANY    
272 Colt Exaggerator To the Brim Pennsylvania HOPPEL'S HORSE AND CATTLE COMPANY OUT    
473 Filly Palace Malice Breech Inlet Canada (Ontario) HOPPEL'S HORSE AND CATTLE COMPANY    
484 Colt Competitive Edge Caitrionell Louisiana HOPPEL'S HORSE AND CATTLE COMPANY    
956 Filly Effinex My Sparky New York HOPPEL'S HORSE AND CATTLE COMPANY OUT    
Gross = $0
74 Colt Chitu Red Hot Lover Florida J. J. THOROUGHBREDS    
247 Filly Gone Astray Tereska Florida J. J. THOROUGHBREDS    
400 Filly Tale of Ekati Angels Trace New York J. J. THOROUGHBREDS    
440 Filly Central Banker Bee in a Bonnet New York J. J. THOROUGHBREDS    
1033 Colt Jess's Dream War Socks Florida J. J. THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
307 Filly Verrazano Very Very Kentucky J. R. RACING STABLES    
321 Filly Street Boss Welcome Addition Kentucky J. R. RACING STABLES    
501 Colt Optimizer Catlanta Kentucky J. R. RACING STABLES    
597 Colt Goldencents Diamond Stilettos (IRE) Kentucky J. R. RACING STABLES    
907 Colt Bayern Mia Gatto New York J. R. RACING STABLES    
Gross = $0
149 Colt Teuflesberg She's Stylish New York JMC SALES OUT    
224 Filly Teuflesberg Super Deelites New York JMC SALES    
231 Filly Oxbow Sweet Pizazz New York JMC SALES    
381 Filly Laoban A J Tango New York JMC SALES    
735 Colt Congrats Halo's Surprise New York JMC SALES    
Gross = $0
411 Filly Fury Kapcori Arabian Magic Florida JOURNEYMAN BLOODSTOCK    
456 Filly Khozan Blue Baby Florida JOURNEYMAN BLOODSTOCK    
475 Filly Khozan Brightly Mine Florida JOURNEYMAN BLOODSTOCK    
Gross = $0
33 Colt Effinex Point Reyes New York JULIE DAVIES    
101 Colt Tiznow Runaway in Love Kentucky JULIE DAVIES OUT    
295 Filly Paynter Ultimate Class Kentucky JULIE DAVIES    
324 Filly Speightster Western Peace Kentucky JULIE DAVIES OUT    
329 Filly Uncaptured White Ruffle Florida JULIE DAVIES OUT    
333 Colt Mshawish Winds of Change Maryland JULIE DAVIES    
350 Filly Awesome of Course Yonder Ponder Florida JULIE DAVIES    
386 Colt Constitution Allemande Kentucky JULIE DAVIES OUT    
437 Colt Hard Spun Beaucoup Kentucky JULIE DAVIES    
451 Filly Super Saver Berning Carbs New York JULIE DAVIES OUT    
488 Filly Tonalist Came Through Florida JULIE DAVIES    
515 Colt Summer Front Check the Spelling Kentucky JULIE DAVIES    
551 Colt Overanalyze Conquest Misbehave Kentucky JULIE DAVIES    
600 Filly Rattlesnake Bridge Disenfranchised Florida JULIE DAVIES    
634 Filly Wicked Strong Escape to Malibu New York JULIE DAVIES    
779 Colt Frosted If Not For Her Kentucky JULIE DAVIES OUT    
859 Filly Anchor Down Lin Marie Kentucky JULIE DAVIES    
866 Colt Exaggerator Lotto Ticket New York JULIE DAVIES OUT    
875 Colt Laoban Love My Girl New York JULIE DAVIES OUT    
1012 Colt Ghostzapper Rode Warrior Kentucky JULIE DAVIES    
1025 Colt Upstart Tante Zoe Kentucky JULIE DAVIES    
1060 Colt Into Mischief Daryanna Kentucky JULIE DAVIES    
1066 Colt Outwork Eye to Victory Kentucky JULIE DAVIES    
1075 Colt Tapiture High Flying Adore New York JULIE DAVIES    
1083 Filly Upstart La Condesa New York JULIE DAVIES OUT    
1086 Filly Upstart Letting Go Kentucky JULIE DAVIES    
Gross = $0
53 Colt Awesome Again Pussyfoot Kentucky JVC TRAINING & SALES OUT    
87 Colt Flatter Rockport Honey Kentucky JVC TRAINING & SALES OUT    
258 Colt Upstart Tightly Wound Kentucky JVC TRAINING & SALES    
330 Filly Flashback Wildcat Dreamer Kentucky JVC TRAINING & SALES OUT    
365 Colt Flashback Acting Naughty Kentucky JVC TRAINING & SALES    
472 Colt Flashback Brave as a Lion Kentucky JVC TRAINING & SALES    
887 Colt Tiznow Magic Vixen Kentucky JVC TRAINING & SALES    
Gross = $0
5 Colt Dialed In Papa Sids Girl Kentucky KATIERICH FARMS OUT    
23 Filly Tonalist Pick Me Kentucky KATIERICH FARMS OUT    
196 Filly Hard Spun Status Pending Kentucky KATIERICH FARMS OUT    
407 Filly Awesome Again Apple Down Under Kentucky KATIERICH FARMS OUT    
431 Colt Declaration of War Barometer Kentucky KATIERICH FARMS OUT    
627 Colt Medaglia d'Oro Embroidery Kentucky KATIERICH FARMS OUT    
833 Colt Cairo Prince Kiss a Vet Kentucky KATIERICH FARMS OUT    
920 Filly Twirling Candy Miss City Halo Kentucky KATIERICH FARMS OUT    
Gross = $0
45 Colt Central Banker Preying Mantis Maryland KILBRIDE STABLES    
745 Filly To Honor and Serve Heart Love Kiss Kentucky KILBRIDE STABLES OUT    
953 Filly Speightster My Regime Kentucky KILBRIDE STABLES    
Gross = $0
70 Filly Malibu Moon Ready Signal Florida KINGS EQUINE OUT    
146 Colt Tapizar She's Gonna Float Kentucky KINGS EQUINE    
476 Filly Union Rags Brilliant Jewel Kentucky KINGS EQUINE    
842 Colt Uncle Mo Lady of the Nile New York KINGS EQUINE OUT    
990 Colt Lemon Drop Kid Oxbow Lake Canada (Ontario) KINGS EQUINE    
1031 Filly Street Sense Vision in Blue Kentucky KINGS EQUINE OUT    
1041 Colt Quality Road Allseas Florida KINGS EQUINE    
1043 Filly Honor Code Awe That Kentucky KINGS EQUINE OUT    
1094 Gelding Pioneerof the Nile Mining My Own Kentucky KINGS EQUINE OUT    
Gross = $0
L. G.
186 Filly Speightster Spirituality Kentucky L. G. OUT    
478 Colt Will Take Charge Bronze Beauty Kentucky L. G. OUT    
617 Filly Tourist Dyslexicperfection Kentucky L. G. OUT    
636 Filly Air Force Blue Ethel Anna Kentucky L. G. OUT    
772 Colt Cairo Prince How Nice Kentucky L. G. OUT    
797 Colt Speightster Izzy Izzy Kentucky L. G. OUT    
Gross = $0
131 Filly Bahamian Squall Secret Request Florida LAS PALMAS FARM    
201 Filly Bayern Storming Gypsy Kentucky LAS PALMAS FARM    
349 Colt Jess's Dream Yes It's Patty Florida LAS PALMAS FARM    
671 Filly Prospective Flamingo Dancer Florida LAS PALMAS FARM    
Gross = $0
24 Filly Stay Thirsty Pick Pocket Kentucky LITTLE FARM EQUINE    
155 Filly Texas Red Shu Ling Kentucky LITTLE FARM EQUINE OUT    
207 Filly Outwork Strikealinethruit New York LITTLE FARM EQUINE    
442 Filly Oxbow Belgian Twist Kentucky LITTLE FARM EQUINE    
449 Filly Big Blue Kitten Bella's Rebel Kentucky LITTLE FARM EQUINE    
468 Filly Shanghai Bobby Bound for Dixie Kentucky LITTLE FARM EQUINE    
552 Colt Bodemeister Cookie Cutter Kentucky LITTLE FARM EQUINE    
569 Filly Fed Biz Dakota Sis Florida LITTLE FARM EQUINE    
912 Colt Verrazano Minestar Florida LITTLE FARM EQUINE    
966 Filly Big Blue Kitten Nieve Kentucky LITTLE FARM EQUINE    
975 Filly Lookin At Lucky Oceanic Queen Kentucky LITTLE FARM EQUINE    
988 Filly Sky Kingdom Our Whiskey Girls Kentucky LITTLE FARM EQUINE    
Gross = $0
254 Filly Chitu The Silver Madonna Florida M R RACING OUT    
467 Filly Medal Count Boule de Suif Ohio M R RACING OUT    
514 Filly Liaison Chatty K K Kentucky M R RACING OUT    
739 Colt Optimizer Hard Lesson Kentucky M R RACING    
Gross = $0
293 Filly Fury Kapcori Ucanttakeitwithu Florida MARCIAL GALAN    
304 Filly Uncaptured Vaca Sagrada Florida MARCIAL GALAN    
399 Filly He's Had Enough Angel Dreams Florida MARCIAL GALAN    
685 Colt Fury Kapcori From Behind Florida MARCIAL GALAN    
Gross = $0
615 Gelding Desert Party Duel At Dawn Maryland MASON SPRINGS OUT    
816 Colt Exaggerator Jyles Florida MASON SPRINGS    
Gross = $0
2 Colt Wicked Strong Palace Pier Kentucky MAYBERRY FARM OUT    
153 Colt Admiral Kitten Shivering Fax Florida MAYBERRY FARM    
285 Filly Giant's Causeway Tu Tu Larue Kentucky MAYBERRY FARM OUT    
438 Filly Speightstown Beckles Road Kentucky MAYBERRY FARM OUT    
564 Filly Tapiture Cupids Gallop Kentucky MAYBERRY FARM OUT    
587 Filly Noble Mission (GB) Destiny Calls Kentucky MAYBERRY FARM OUT    
1016 Filly Cinco Charlie Sassy Strike Kentucky MAYBERRY FARM    
Gross = $0
160 Colt Secret Circle Silver Folly Kentucky MCKATHAN BROTHERS    
506 Filly Oxbow Ceebett's Dancer Kentucky MCKATHAN BROTHERS OUT    
509 Filly Tale of Ekati Champagne Courage Kentucky MCKATHAN BROTHERS OUT    
753 Colt Tale of Ekati Herecomesthequeen Florida MCKATHAN BROTHERS OUT    
862 Colt The Big Beast Logan Square Florida MCKATHAN BROTHERS    
864 Colt Cinco Charlie Lookin' Foxy Kentucky MCKATHAN BROTHERS    
889 Colt Union Rags Magnolia Lane Kentucky MCKATHAN BROTHERS    
996 Colt Street Sense Tangere Kentucky MCKATHAN BROTHERS    
1005 Colt Mucho Macho Man Indian Fiesta California MCKATHAN BROTHERS OUT    
1027 Colt Distorted Humor Tizacity Kentucky MCKATHAN BROTHERS    
1030 Filly Bahamian Squall Up for Grabs Florida MCKATHAN BROTHERS    
1049 Colt Air Force Blue Branding Kentucky MCKATHAN BROTHERS    
1101 Filly Constitution Mybrokenhome Kentucky MCKATHAN BROTHERS    
Gross = $0
11 Colt Violence Passionate Gold California MCKEE BLOODSTOCK    
322 Filly Shanghai Bobby Wellesley Girl New York MCKEE BLOODSTOCK    
337 Filly More Than Ready Witchy One Kentucky MCKEE BLOODSTOCK    
632 Filly Liaison Equisize Kentucky MCKEE BLOODSTOCK OUT    
Gross = $0
97 Colt Teuflesberg Royal Waltz New York MCMAHON OF SARATOGA THOROUGHBREDS    
445 Colt Central Banker Bella Lady New York MCMAHON OF SARATOGA THOROUGHBREDS    
631 Filly Laoban E. Queen New York MCMAHON OF SARATOGA THOROUGHBREDS    
760 Colt Palace Holly's Star New York MCMAHON OF SARATOGA THOROUGHBREDS    
925 Filly Central Banker Miss Libby New York MCMAHON OF SARATOGA THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
260 Filly Goldencents Time Is Tight Kentucky MEDALLION FARMS    
424 Colt Daredevil Baby Lou Kentucky MEDALLION FARMS OUT    
629 Colt Dominus Enduring Pam Kentucky MEDALLION FARMS    
903 Colt Shakin It Up Meadow Soprano Kentucky MEDALLION FARMS OUT    
999 Colt Wicked Strong Circle My Name Kentucky MEDALLION FARMS    
1047 Colt Anchor Down Believe in Wonder Kentucky MEDALLION FARMS    
Gross = $0
12 Colt Paynter Pathologist Pennsylvania NAVAS EQUINE    
275 Filly Tonalist Traffic Blimp Kentucky NAVAS EQUINE OUT    
489 Filly Forty Grams Candy Rain Florida NAVAS EQUINE    
516 Filly Super Saver Chelsea Road Kentucky NAVAS EQUINE    
711 Filly Goldencents Golden History Kentucky NAVAS EQUINE    
944 Colt Big Blue Kitten More Miss Crissy Kentucky NAVAS EQUINE    
965 Colt Palace New Key Kentucky NAVAS EQUINE    
Gross = $0
147 Filly Mshawish She's Mine Kentucky NEW HOPE OUT    
262 Colt Birdstone Tinca's Song Florida NEW HOPE    
336 Filly Verrazano Wish On Kentucky NEW HOPE    
344 Filly Fast Anna Xtrapleasure Kentucky NEW HOPE    
Gross = $0
22 Colt Into Mischief Phoenicia Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN    
56 Filly Buratino (IRE) Queen of May New York NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
83 Colt Tapit Rigoletta Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
117 Filly Honor Code Sarah's Secret Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN    
125 Colt Upstart Scribbling Sarah Florida NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
154 Filly Competitive Edge Shopped Out Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN    
166 Colt The Big Beast Sister Kathy Florida NIALL BRENNAN    
204 Filly Pioneerof the Nile Stormy B Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
236 Colt Outwork Tabitha New York NIALL BRENNAN    
281 Gelding Orb Trophy Wife Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN    
318 Filly Exaggerator Waverly Place Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
499 Colt Summer Front Castle Road Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
554 Colt Kantharos Coqui Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
574 Filly Daredevil Dare You to Move Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN    
608 Colt Violence Don't Stop to Shop Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN    
622 Filly Carpe Diem Electric Temptress Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
625 Filly Flintshire (GB) Elusive Rumour New York NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
700 Colt Lea Getaway Girl Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN    
715 Colt Munnings Gold Medalist Canada (Ontario) NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
723 Colt Medaglia d'Oro Grand Mere Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
775 Filly Frosted Humble Street Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
802 Filly Twirling Candy Jealous Wildcat Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
805 Filly California Chrome Jet Black Magic Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN    
808 Colt Union Rags J'ray New York NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
861 Colt Nyquist Little Ms Protocol Louisiana NIALL BRENNAN    
874 Filly Midshipman Lovely Reward Pennsylvania NIALL BRENNAN    
913 Filly Congrats Minestrone Florida NIALL BRENNAN    
941 Colt Street Boss Moonlit Bay Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
950 Filly Wicked Strong My Magic Moment New York NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
1058 Colt Exaggerator Cozze Up Lady Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN    
1062 Colt Constitution Diamondsandcaviar Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN    
1102 Filly Palace Malice Naughtynaughtygirl Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN OUT    
1105 Filly Tamarkuz Operetta Kentucky NIALL BRENNAN    
Gross = $0
134 Colt Laoban Selfie New York NICE AND EASY THOROUGHBREDS    
695 Filly Shackleford Gateway to Gold Kentucky NICE AND EASY THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
645 Gelding Violence Fabulous Devotion Kentucky OCALA BLOODSTOCK    
810 Filly Street Sense J T Safe At Home Canada (Ontario) OCALA BLOODSTOCK    
Gross = $0
38 Colt Adios Charlie Popularafterschool Florida OCALA STUD    
39 Filly The Big Beast Potluck Dinner Florida OCALA STUD OUT    
103 Colt Not This Time Running Creek Kentucky OCALA STUD    
127 Colt Frosted Sea Road Kentucky OCALA STUD OUT    
152 Colt Uncaptured Shining Moment Florida OCALA STUD OUT    
221 Filly Honor Code Sun and Moon New York OCALA STUD    
339 Colt Gemologist Woodland Park Florida OCALA STUD    
391 Filly The Big Beast Alotofappeal Florida OCALA STUD    
480 Filly Jess's Dream Brown Glaze Florida OCALA STUD OUT    
491 Colt Brody's Cause Candy's Pleasure Florida OCALA STUD    
548 Filly Uncaptured Conquest Angel Florida OCALA STUD OUT    
630 Filly The Big Beast Ennuhway Florida OCALA STUD OUT    
651 Filly Uncaptured Far Niente Florida OCALA STUD OUT    
707 Filly Union Rags Glamalert Florida OCALA STUD OUT    
751 Colt Not This Time Henry's Posse Louisiana OCALA STUD OUT    
796 Colt The Big Beast It's Sophie Florida OCALA STUD    
835 Filly Adios Charlie K K's Kitty Florida OCALA STUD    
877 Filly Prospective Lucky Trip Florida OCALA STUD    
Gross = $0
50 Filly Not This Time Proud and Charming Florida OFF THE HOOK OUT    
112 Colt Mineshaft Salina Kentucky OFF THE HOOK OUT    
579 Filly Cairo Prince Dear Bela (ARG) Kentucky OFF THE HOOK    
791 Filly Laoban Invoke New York OFF THE HOOK OUT    
825 Filly Maclean's Music Keiai Tokyo Pennsylvania OFF THE HOOK OUT    
867 Colt Commissioner Lou Doctor Lou Kentucky OFF THE HOOK OUT    
Gross = $0
314 Colt Broken Vow Viola Blew By Kentucky OLD SOUTH FARM    
1050 Colt Distorted Humor Bronx City Girl Kentucky OLD SOUTH FARM    
Gross = $0
418 Filly Tapiture Aunt Maryann Kentucky OMEGA FARM    
650 Colt Rattlesnake Bridge Fantastic Flirt Florida OMEGA FARM    
693 Colt Currency Swap Gardening Leave Florida OMEGA FARM    
794 Colt Tapiture Italian Rapsody Kentucky OMEGA FARM    
Gross = $0
658 Colt Rattlesnake Bridge Field House Florida ON THE RUN SALES    
660 Colt Ride On Curlin Finao Florida ON THE RUN SALES    
759 Filly I Spent It Holiday Cheer Oklahoma ON THE RUN SALES    
766 Colt Graydar Honky Tonk Angel Kentucky ON THE RUN SALES    
840 Filly Protonico Lady Heroine Kentucky ON THE RUN SALES    
1072 Colt Upstart Greatest Reward Florida ON THE RUN SALES    
1079 Colt Malibu Moon Just Joyful Kentucky ON THE RUN SALES    
Gross = $0
73 Colt Orientate Red Hot Jazz Florida OSCAR BROWN STABLES OUT    
86 Filly Imagining Robe New York OSCAR BROWN STABLES    
91 Colt Bellamy Road Rosella New York OSCAR BROWN STABLES    
111 Colt First Dude Saldanha Florida OSCAR BROWN STABLES    
294 Colt Majestic City Uisneach New York OSCAR BROWN STABLES    
426 Filly Not This Time Bag of Tricks New York OSCAR BROWN STABLES    
471 Filly Exclusive Quality Brandy Brandy Florida OSCAR BROWN STABLES    
510 Filly Not This Time Champagne Sparkle Kentucky OSCAR BROWN STABLES    
571 Filly Mission Impazible Dance Inthe Forest New York OSCAR BROWN STABLES    
915 Gelding Forty Tales Minute to Midnight New York OSCAR BROWN STABLES    
Gross = $0
182 Colt Speightster Special Cheers Kentucky PARRISH FARMS    
477 Filly Fed Biz Brilliant Roo Kentucky PARRISH FARMS    
528 Colt Shanghai Bobby Ciddy's Song Kentucky PARRISH FARMS    
858 Colt Cairo Prince Lily's Spark Kentucky PARRISH FARMS    
Gross = $0
195 Colt Drill Starship Venus Florida PATRICK T. SCHMID    
836 Colt Two Step Salsa Kluki Florida PATRICK T. SCHMID    
Gross = $0
16 Colt Frosted Peach Brew Kentucky PAUL SHARP    
283 Filly Normandy Invasion Tura Isabel New York PAUL SHARP    
586 Filly Super Saver Desert Illusion Kentucky PAUL SHARP    
611 Filly Social Inclusion Double Bridled Florida PAUL SHARP OUT    
710 Colt Maclean's Music Golden Dawn Texas PAUL SHARP OUT    
714 Colt Tonalist Gold Glimmer Kentucky PAUL SHARP OUT    
757 Filly Fed Biz High Soprano Florida PAUL SHARP    
762 Colt Shakin It Up Holy Touch Kentucky PAUL SHARP    
811 Filly Frosted Judy Legend Kentucky PAUL SHARP OUT    
843 Filly Flashback Lakota Girl Indiana PAUL SHARP    
872 Filly Summer Front Lovely Cool Kentucky PAUL SHARP    
906 Filly Vancouver (AUS) Mentally Unstable Kentucky PAUL SHARP    
933 Filly Khozan Mitasunke Florida PAUL SHARP    
1068 Filly Frosted Girlfriend Kentucky PAUL SHARP    
1080 Colt Include Just Like Lucy Kentucky PAUL SHARP    
1092 Filly Carpe Diem Make a Promise Kentucky PAUL SHARP    
1096 Colt Mark Valeski Moment of Honour Kentucky PAUL SHARP    
1098 Filly Summer Front Mountain Buddies Kentucky PAUL SHARP    
1099 Colt Will Take Charge My Best Ten Florida PAUL SHARP OUT    
1108 Colt American Pharoah Rehear Kentucky PAUL SHARP    
Gross = $0
853 Colt Khozan Lemons and Roses Florida PEDRO BERNAL PEREZ    
Gross = $0
978 Filly Flat Out Oh Caramel Kentucky PEGGY DELLHEIM    
Gross = $0
13 Filly Paynter Patrice Merion Kentucky PICK VIEW OUT    
177 Colt Lookin At Lucky Soother Kentucky PICK VIEW OUT    
218 Gelding Maclean's Music Sugar Marie Ohio PICK VIEW OUT    
265 Colt Munnings Tiz Fashionable Kentucky PICK VIEW    
529 Colt Cairo Prince Cinnamon Kisses Canada (Ontario) PICK VIEW OUT    
555 Colt Dialed In Cosmic Energy Kentucky PICK VIEW    
788 Colt Wicked Strong Into Style Florida PICK VIEW    
856 Colt Palace Malice Lesson Plan Kentucky PICK VIEW    
883 Colt Ghostzapper Maddy's Heart Kentucky PICK VIEW    
939 Colt Vancouver (AUS) Mon in the Moon Kentucky PICK VIEW    
Gross = $0
415 Filly Super Saver Art Affair Virginia POINT OF GRAVITY THOROUGHBRED    
1029 Filly Alternation True Bliss Florida POINT OF GRAVITY THOROUGHBRED    
Gross = $0
168 Filly Flintshire (GB) Smart Cash Kentucky POTRERO STABLES OUT    
185 Colt Laoban Spirit of Ten New York POTRERO STABLES    
302 Filly Carpe Diem Up the Street Kentucky POTRERO STABLES OUT    
335 Colt Bahamian Squall Wise Mission Florida POTRERO STABLES    
469 Gelding Congrats Bramley Kentucky POTRERO STABLES    
493 Colt Union Rags Carla's Song Kentucky POTRERO STABLES    
686 Filly Violence From Jump Street Kentucky POTRERO STABLES    
752 Colt Teuflesberg Here Comes a Smile New York POTRERO STABLES    
780 Filly Big Blue Kitten I Love You Still Kentucky POTRERO STABLES    
923 Colt Commissioner Miss E On the Qt Kentucky POTRERO STABLES    
984 Filly Uncaptured Onesie Florida POTRERO STABLES    
989 Colt Mshawish Overly Indulgent Kentucky POTRERO STABLES    
Gross = $0
1 Filly Goldencents Pacific Destiny Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
4 Colt Empire Maker Palooza Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
119 Colt Cinco Charlie Saturnalia Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
162 Filly Tourist Silver Market Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
192 Colt Constitution Starlicious Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
239 Filly Wicked Strong Tale of Honoree Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
310 Colt Shackleford Victory Pool Ohio Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
326 Filly Dialed In Wet n' Reckless Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
392 Filly Upstart Alwaysindiamonds Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
413 Filly Flat Out Arbeka Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
486 Filly Runhappy Call Pat New York Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
580 Filly Liam's Map Deborah's Moment Maryland Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
604 Colt Outwork Dixieland Bride West Virginia Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
648 Colt Nyquist Fancy and Flashy Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
674 Filly Sky Mesa Fleetsweet Pennsylvania Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
773 Filly Maclean's Music Hug It Out Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
789 Colt Medaglia d'Oro Inventive Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
994 Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Spirit Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
1022 Filly Tapiture Splendid Honor Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
1023 Filly Palace Malice Summer Rendezvous Florida Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
1037 Colt Tapit Zardana (BRZ) Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
1040 Filly Hard Spun Air Guitar Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
1044 Colt Speightstown Baroness Aamoura Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
1056 Colt Street Sense Colina Verde (BRZ) Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS    
1084 Colt Violence Lady Pecan Kentucky Q BAR J THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
Gross = $0
58 Colt Majestic City Quidnunc Gulch New York R. MARIE FARMS    
931 Colt Mosler Miss Sassafras Maryland R. MARIE FARMS    
Gross = $0
118 Colt Empire Maker Sassifaction Kentucky RANDY BRADSHAW OUT    
639 Colt Ghostzapper Excellent News New York RANDY BRADSHAW    
652 Filly Quality Road Fashionable Frolic Kentucky RANDY BRADSHAW OUT    
676 Filly Majestic City Forward Rate New York RANDY BRADSHAW OUT    
732 Colt Uncaptured Grilledham'ncheese Florida RANDY BRADSHAW    
962 Colt English Channel Nellie Bly Kentucky RANDY BRADSHAW OUT    
Gross = $0
30 Filly Bodemeister Platinum Song Kentucky RANDY MILES    
61 Colt Vancouver (AUS) Quite Honestly Kentucky RANDY MILES OUT    
175 Colt Wrote (IRE) Social Security Florida RANDY MILES    
384 Filly Teuflesberg All Bronze New York RANDY MILES    
947 Filly Not This Time Morningbird Kentucky RANDY MILES OUT    
Gross = $0
113 Filly Raison d'Etat Sally's Dream Kentucky RICEHORSE STABLES    
197 Colt Upstart Stay Composed New York RICEHORSE STABLES    
296 Filly Raison d'Etat Ultimate Temper Kentucky RICEHORSE STABLES    
367 Filly Fed Biz Adjust Kentucky RICEHORSE STABLES    
465 Filly Flashback Boomanji Kentucky RICEHORSE STABLES    
577 Filly Laoban Day After Day New York RICEHORSE STABLES    
852 Filly Not This Time Leigha Renee New York RICEHORSE STABLES    
930 Filly New Year's Day Miss Playbill Canada (Ontario) RICEHORSE STABLES    
1071 Colt Not This Time Grace Is Gone Kentucky RICEHORSE STABLES    
Gross = $0
263 Filly Stonesider Tin Top Cat Kentucky RICHARDSON BLOODSTOCK OUT    
358 Colt Outwork Zulia Kentucky RICHARDSON BLOODSTOCK OUT    
410 Filly Midshipman Aquitania Kentucky RICHARDSON BLOODSTOCK    
785 Filly Bradester In Command Louisiana RICHARDSON BLOODSTOCK OUT    
910 Filly Rattlesnake Bridge Milliondollarbill Louisiana RICHARDSON BLOODSTOCK    
Gross = $0
132 Colt Tapiture Secret Witness Pennsylvania ROD MCVEY    
282 Colt Commissioner True Endeavor Kentucky ROD MCVEY OUT    
863 Filly Outwork Long Kiss Goodbye Kentucky ROD MCVEY    
Gross = $0
19 Filly Jess's Dream Perfect Kay Florida RUNNER'S DREAM FARM    
163 Filly El Padrino Simmerette Florida RUNNER'S DREAM FARM    
949 Colt Poseidon's Warrior Musical Touch Florida RUNNER'S DREAM FARM    
951 Colt First Dude Mymymyboogieshoes Florida RUNNER'S DREAM FARM    
Gross = $0
936 Colt He's Had Enough Mom's Image Florida SANCHEZ RACING STABLE    
Gross = $0
244 Colt Race Day Ten Crowns Kentucky SANTA FE THOROUGHBREDS    
464 Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Bonnie Blue Flag Kentucky SANTA FE THOROUGHBREDS    
557 Colt Creative Cause Coup de Main Kentucky SANTA FE THOROUGHBREDS    
756 Filly Super Saver High Cry Kentucky SANTA FE THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
767 Filly Tizway Honorable Peace Kentucky SANTA FE THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
203 Filly Treasure Beach (GB) Storm Royale Florida SAPPHIRE STABLES    
429 Filly Vancouver (AUS) Banyan Street Kentucky SAPPHIRE STABLES    
538 Filly He's Had Enough Coco's Legacy Florida SAPPHIRE STABLES OUT    
719 Filly Majestic City Goshen Hawk New York SAPPHIRE STABLES    
827 Filly Verrazano Key Is to Win Kentucky SAPPHIRE STABLES    
Gross = $0
41 Colt Carpe Diem Preach Tome Daddy Kentucky SBM TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
98 Colt American Pharoah Rubies Are Red Kentucky SBM TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
518 Filly Daredevil Cheyann's Hope Kentucky SBM TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
519 Gelding Notional Cheyann Uprising Louisiana SBM TRAINING AND SALES    
605 Colt Treasure Beach (GB) D J Trip Florida SBM TRAINING AND SALES    
678 Filly Bodemeister Frabster Kentucky SBM TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
687 Filly Archarcharch Frontier Days Louisiana SBM TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
722 Filly Flat Out Gracinha Oklahoma SBM TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
727 Filly Orb Grassy Nellie Kentucky SBM TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
736 Colt Frosted Handwoven Kentucky SBM TRAINING AND SALES    
737 Filly Liam's Map Hanna's Harmony New York SBM TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
743 Filly I Spent It Harrys At Hanover Oklahoma SBM TRAINING AND SALES    
758 Filly Palace Malice Hit the Limit Kentucky SBM TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
837 Colt Flintshire (GB) Kool Charli Kentucky SBM TRAINING AND SALES    
Gross = $0
341 Colt First Samurai Worshipper Kentucky SCANLON TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
561 Filly Wicked Strong Cozy Mama Louisiana SCANLON TRAINING AND SALES OUT    
Gross = $0
613 Colt Country Day Dream Come True Florida SEMINOLE STABLES LLC, AGENT    
744 Filly Eclipticalspraline Hawaiian Sunset Florida SEMINOLE STABLES LLC, AGENT    
Gross = $0
219 Colt More Than Ready Sumlin Kentucky SEQUEL BLOODSTOCK OUT    
697 Colt Maclean's Music Gem's Classy Lass New York SEQUEL BLOODSTOCK OUT    
717 Colt Distorted Humor Goldstryke Glory Kentucky SEQUEL BLOODSTOCK OUT    
Gross = $0
343 Colt Outwork Xtra Heat Kentucky SGV THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
447 Filly Mark Valeski Bellamy Roadster Florida SGV THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
450 Colt Outwork Bemused Kentucky SGV THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
533 Colt Constitution City Run New York SGV THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
851 Filly Twirling Candy Lead Me Not Kentucky SGV THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
Gross = $0
252 Colt Air Force Blue The Rahy Angel Kentucky SHOOTING STAR SALES    
595 Filly Speightster Diamondsareforesta Kentucky SHOOTING STAR SALES    
Gross = $0
416 Gelding Teuflesberg August Gala New York SILVESTRE CHAVEZ THOROUGHBREDS    
483 Filly The Big Beast Buff 'n Tuff Florida SILVESTRE CHAVEZ THOROUGHBREDS    
534 Filly Rattlesnake Bridge City Trip Florida SILVESTRE CHAVEZ THOROUGHBREDS    
573 Filly War Dancer Dangerous Lover New York SILVESTRE CHAVEZ THOROUGHBREDS    
665 Colt Wrote (IRE) Fired Gold Florida SILVESTRE CHAVEZ THOROUGHBREDS    
705 Filly Jess's Dream Gina's Prospect Florida SILVESTRE CHAVEZ THOROUGHBREDS    
761 Colt Constitution Holy Legacy Florida SILVESTRE CHAVEZ THOROUGHBREDS    
812 Colt Social Inclusion Jupiter Tasmania Florida SILVESTRE CHAVEZ THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
979 Filly Uncle Vinny O Kudsai Florida SILVESTRE CHAVEZ THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
270 Filly Flashback Top Time Kentucky SIX K'S TRAINING & SALES    
522 Filly California Chrome Chi Omega Kentucky SIX K'S TRAINING & SALES    
647 Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Faithful Kentucky SIX K'S TRAINING & SALES    
657 Colt Mshawish Fervid Indiana SIX K'S TRAINING & SALES    
960 Filly Mshawish Nanybelle New York SIX K'S TRAINING & SALES    
1034 Colt Goldencents Well Traveled Kentucky SIX K'S TRAINING & SALES    
1046 Filly California Chrome Beau Watch Kentucky SIX K'S TRAINING & SALES    
1063 Filly Dialed In Diva Girl Kentucky SIX K'S TRAINING & SALES OUT    
Gross = $0
217 Filly With Distinction Sugar Dame Florida SMOKEY WILLOW FARM    
405 Colt Justin Phillip Apalachee Song Kentucky SMOKEY WILLOW FARM    
Gross = $0
48 Filly Two Step Salsa Profile Florida SOGNATORI SALES    
940 Filly Race Day Monterey Bay Kentucky SOGNATORI SALES    
Gross = $0
194 Colt Midnight Lute Starship Awesome Kentucky STARTING POINT THOROUGHBREDS    
454 Gelding Run Away and Hide Bett On Ruthie Louisiana STARTING POINT THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
1036 Filly Graydar Young Royalty Kentucky STEPHEN HOPE SALES    
1052 Filly The Factor By the Lee Florida STEPHEN HOPE SALES    
1090 Filly Trappe Shot Lunar Surge Kentucky STEPHEN HOPE SALES    
Gross = $0
67 Colt Kantharos Raven's Rockette Kentucky STEPHENS THOROUGHBREDS    
279 Filly Tiznow Triune Kentucky STEPHENS THOROUGHBREDS    
366 Filly Run Away and Hide Adapt Kentucky STEPHENS THOROUGHBREDS    
389 Filly Uncle Mo All Mine Tonight New York STEPHENS THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
444 Colt First Samurai Bella Cardella Illinois STEPHENS THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
532 Colt Creative Cause City Angel Florida STEPHENS THOROUGHBREDS    
612 Colt Shanghai Bobby Downtown Hottie Kentucky STEPHENS THOROUGHBREDS    
667 Colt The Factor First Salute New York STEPHENS THOROUGHBREDS    
807 Filly Gemologist Jon's Lady New York STEPHENS THOROUGHBREDS    
1021 Colt Anchor Down Solo Buena Louisiana STEPHENS THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
46 Filly Prayer for Relief Primetimevalentine Florida SUGAR HILL    
327 Filly Treasure Beach (GB) What a Lady Florida SUGAR HILL    
558 Filly Paynter Courageous Julie Pennsylvania SUGAR HILL    
591 Colt Soldat D Fifty Florida SUGAR HILL    
824 Colt Effinex Keep Right New York SUGAR HILL    
886 Colt Tiznow Magical Solution Kentucky SUGAR HILL    
Gross = $0
359 Colt Khozan Zurita Florida SUMMERFIELD    
575 Filly Stormy Atlantic Dark Street Florida SUMMERFIELD    
829 Filly Upstart Kickapoo Princess Florida SUMMERFIELD OUT    
Gross = $0
795 Colt Jack Milton Itsagiantcauseway New York TENERI FARM    
1069 Colt Algorithms Glorious Success Kentucky TENERI FARM    
Gross = $0
141 Colt Uncaptured She Drives Me Nuts Florida TOM MCCROCKLIN OUT    
172 Colt Commissioner Snappy Tune Kentucky TOM MCCROCKLIN    
198 Colt Giant Surprise Stonefield South New York TOM MCCROCKLIN OUT    
206 Colt Super Saver Street Flirt Kentucky TOM MCCROCKLIN    
266 Filly Square Eddie Toomanytomatoes California TOM MCCROCKLIN    
334 Colt Broken Vow Winning Saga Kentucky TOM MCCROCKLIN    
503 Filly Uncaptured Cause for Repent Florida TOM MCCROCKLIN    
589 Colt Liam's Map Devious d'Oro Kentucky TOM MCCROCKLIN OUT    
593 Filly Into Mischief Diamante de Fuego Kentucky TOM MCCROCKLIN OUT    
692 Filly Central Banker Gala Regatta New York TOM MCCROCKLIN OUT    
828 Colt Twirling Candy Kiamika California TOM MCCROCKLIN OUT    
971 Colt Street Boss Not a Peep New York TOM MCCROCKLIN OUT    
1010 Colt Upstart Port Authority Virginia TOM MCCROCKLIN    
1020 Colt Carpe Diem Shannon Faith Kentucky TOM MCCROCKLIN    
1048 Colt Constitution Bella Felicita Kentucky TOM MCCROCKLIN    
1081 Filly Exaggerator Kencho Kentucky TOM MCCROCKLIN    
1089 Gelding Frosted Lophorina (GB) Kentucky TOM MCCROCKLIN    
Gross = $0
55 Colt Majesticperfection Queen of Chicago Illinois TOP LINE SALES OUT    
96 Colt Mucho Macho Man Royal Romance Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
136 Colt Liaison Sessile Kentucky TOP LINE SALES OUT    
137 Filly Peace and Justice Seven Dreams Pennsylvania TOP LINE SALES OUT    
184 Filly Distorted Humor Spicy Devine Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
220 Filly Munnings Summerlin Illinois TOP LINE SALES OUT    
223 Colt Fed Biz Sunny Morning Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
245 Filly Will Take Charge Tensas Harbor Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
249 Filly Mshawish Texas to a Tee Florida TOP LINE SALES OUT    
274 Filly Exaggerator Touch Magic Louisiana TOP LINE SALES OUT    
289 Filly Into Mischief Twisted Decision Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
396 Filly Le Havre (IRE) Ameyrah (IRE) France TOP LINE SALES    
402 Colt Wicked Strong Another Romance Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
403 Filly Firing Line Antinous Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
423 Filly Ironicus Aye d'Eclaire Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
520 Filly Fed Biz Chic Gloria Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
527 Colt Strong Mandate Christina Lake New York TOP LINE SALES    
547 Filly Oxbow Conflate Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
550 Filly Fort Larned Conquest Brownie Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
568 Filly Freud Dakota Kid New York TOP LINE SALES    
583 Colt Medaglia d'Oro Delightful Mary Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
602 Colt Twirling Candy Diva's Seastar Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
607 Colt Shackleford Donnatale Pennsylvania TOP LINE SALES    
620 Colt Distorted Humor Eileen's Dream Florida TOP LINE SALES    
638 Filly Grey Swallow (IRE) Evil Kitten Kentucky TOP LINE SALES OUT    
655 Colt Bodemeister Fateer Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
703 Filly Candy Ride (ARG) Giant Deduction Kentucky TOP LINE SALES OUT    
721 Filly Anchor Down Grace That Abounds Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
738 Colt Lookin At Lucky Hardcore Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
742 Colt Candy Ride (ARG) Harriet Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
747 Filly Competitive Edge Heavenly Helper Ireland TOP LINE SALES    
800 Colt Dominus Jamboree Kentucky TOP LINE SALES OUT    
806 Filly Curlin Jewel of a Cat Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
882 Colt Uncle Mo Madame Secretary Kentucky TOP LINE SALES OUT    
885 Colt Kitten's Joy Magicalcarpetride Kentucky TOP LINE SALES OUT    
898 Filly Pioneerof the Nile Margate Gardens Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
909 Filly Will Take Charge Midnight Dream Florida TOP LINE SALES OUT    
1017 Filly Competitive Edge Saucy Salita California TOP LINE SALES    
1026 Filly Street Sense Ten Legends New York TOP LINE SALES    
1032 Filly Freud Wabanaki New York TOP LINE SALES    
1051 Colt Speightstown Bullet Sister Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
1053 Filly Macho Uno Camielee Ohio TOP LINE SALES    
1057 Filly Speightster Conquesta Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
1061 Colt Laoban Devious Chic New York TOP LINE SALES    
1064 Colt Mucho Macho Man Dynasheals Canada (Ontario) TOP LINE SALES    
1067 Colt Midshipman Fashion Fixture New York TOP LINE SALES    
1073 Colt Tale of Ekati Heavenly Deed Kentucky TOP LINE SALES OUT    
1077 Colt Street Sense Irish Connection Kentucky TOP LINE SALES OUT    
1078 Colt Distorted Humor Judy Soda Kentucky TOP LINE SALES    
1093 Filly Into Mischief Midnight Bliss Pennsylvania TOP LINE SALES OUT    
Gross = $0
544 Colt Wicked Strong Colonial Review Kentucky TRADEWINDS FARM    
Gross = $0
202 Filly Cairo Prince Stormin Sistas Kentucky TWO OAKS EQUINE OUT    
360 Colt Broken Vow Abide Kentucky TWO OAKS EQUINE OUT    
530 Filly Tourist Cinque Bella Kentucky TWO OAKS EQUINE    
Gross = $0
896 Colt Summer Front Mankai Blossom Kentucky V. I. SALES    
Gross = $0
144 Filly Mizzen Mast Sherry Bay G. Kentucky VARGAS SALES    
502 Filly Midshipman Cat Ten Kentucky VARGAS SALES    
740 Colt Fed Biz Harem Dancer Kentucky VARGAS SALES    
781 Colt Tale of Ekati Ima Soul Miss Kentucky VARGAS SALES    
Gross = $0
417 Filly Commissioner Aunt Esme Kentucky VICKERS RACING    
420 Filly Mineshaft Avellaneous Kentucky VICKERS RACING    
470 Colt Animal Kingdom Brampton Kentucky VICKERS RACING    
893 Colt Cinco Charlie Makoo Kentucky VICKERS RACING    
Gross = $0
261 Colt Morning Line Tinca's Sky Florida VICTORY STABLE    
377 Filly Biondetti Age of Aquarius Florida VICTORY STABLE    
433 Filly Forty Grams Bay Street Gal Florida VICTORY STABLE    
458 Filly Overanalyze Bluebrass Belle Kentucky VICTORY STABLE    
768 Colt Magician (IRE) Hoosier Kitten Florida VICTORY STABLE    
798 Filly Super Saver Jackson's Hatrixie Kentucky VICTORY STABLE    
873 Filly Majesticperfection Lovely Marissa Kentucky VICTORY STABLE    
892 Colt Winslow Homer Make Note of Me Florida VICTORY STABLE    
924 Gelding Treasure Beach (GB) Miss Julia Florida VICTORY STABLE    
Gross = $0
455 Colt Musketier (GER) Blossom Rose Kentucky WALL 2 WALL RACING OUT    
900 Colt Smarty Jones Marsali Kentucky WALL 2 WALL RACING    
Gross = $0
3 Filly Square Eddie Paleo (IRE) California WAVERTREE STABLES    
115 Filly Malibu Moon Samsational Kentucky WAVERTREE STABLES    
189 Colt Super Saver Srikinglybeautiful Kentucky WAVERTREE STABLES    
332 Filly California Chrome Wildcat Lily Kentucky WAVERTREE STABLES    
537 Filly Liam's Map Cocoanut Row Kentucky WAVERTREE STABLES    
539 Filly Orb Codetta Kentucky WAVERTREE STABLES OUT    
581 Colt Upstart Deep in December Kentucky WAVERTREE STABLES    
741 Colt Bodemeister Harmony Lass New York WAVERTREE STABLES    
787 Filly Dialed In Intelligent Review Kentucky WAVERTREE STABLES    
884 Colt Tale of the Cat Maggi O'Prado Kentucky WAVERTREE STABLES OUT    
958 Colt Mineshaft Mystic Rhyme Kentucky WAVERTREE STABLES OUT    
974 Colt Frosted Numero d'Oro Kentucky WAVERTREE STABLES OUT    
1018 Colt Mineshaft Savorthetime Kentucky WAVERTREE STABLES    
Gross = $0
161 Filly Kantharos Silver Hustler Kentucky WHITE LILAC    
668 Colt Mshawish First to Come Home New York WHITE LILAC OUT    
Gross = $0
75 Colt Shanghai Bobby Red Hot Maria Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
90 Colt Summer Front Rosangela Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
133 Colt Blame Seeking Sheba Canada (British Columbia) WHITMAN SALES    
135 Colt Anchor Down Sergeant O'Rourke Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
165 Colt Fed Biz Singing in the Sun Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
174 Colt Exaggerator Social Butterfly Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
179 Filly Girolamo Sound Ofthe Storm New York WHITMAN SALES    
180 Colt Bernardini Southern Strike Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
187 Filly Flashback Springside Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
235 Filly Dialed In Switched Up Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
250 Colt Street Sense The Last Meow Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
276 Colt Summer Front Treasure Forever Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
277 Colt Dominus Trenomee Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
290 Colt Creative Cause Two Harbors Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
308 Filly Fed Biz Vickie's Girl Kentucky WHITMAN SALES OUT    
317 Filly Malibu Moon Wake Up Smiling New York WHITMAN SALES    
406 Colt Race Day A. P. Andrea Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
422 Colt Tiznow Awesome Fleet Kentucky WHITMAN SALES OUT    
498 Gelding Orb Casino Glory Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
545 Filly Tale of Ekati Com Easy Kentucky WHITMAN SALES OUT    
578 Colt Jack Milton Day Is Done Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
661 Colt Power Broker Fine Cut Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
696 Colt Violence Gay Duchess Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
734 Filly Prayer for Relief Halo's Helen's Jet Florida WHITMAN SALES    
813 Colt Shackleford Just a Ginny Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
823 Colt Violence K D's Girl Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
881 Colt Tiznow Macquarie Street Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
938 Colt Protonico Mongolian Changa Florida WHITMAN SALES    
1019 Filly California Chrome Scandalous Song Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
1045 Filly Flat Out Beautiful Devil Kentucky WHITMAN SALES    
1070 Filly Bayern Gossip Mill Canada (Ontario) WHITMAN SALES    
1074 Colt Magic Dancer (KOR) Hey Jude (KOR) Korea WHITMAN SALES    
1076 Filly Will Take Charge Indian Gracey Kentucky WHITMAN SALES OUT    
1082 Filly Magic Dancer (KOR) La Beaches Korea WHITMAN SALES    
1103 Colt Magic Dancer (KOR) Neowa Gippeumeul (KOR) Korea WHITMAN SALES    
Gross = $0
7 Filly Midshipman Paradise Now Kentucky WINNERS CIRCLE THOROUGHBREDS    
626 Filly Jack Milton Embellished Gold Kentucky WINNERS CIRCLE THOROUGHBREDS    
844 Colt Optimizer Landlubber Kentucky WINNERS CIRCLE THOROUGHBREDS    
959 Filly Lemon Drop Kid My Super Nova Florida WINNERS CIRCLE THOROUGHBREDS    
Gross = $0
1013 Colt Not This Time Rum Punch Kentucky WOODARD BLOODSTOCK    
Gross = $0
145 Filly Wicked Strong She's a Wow Florida WOODFORD THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
230 Filly Kitten's Joy Sweet Harp Kentucky WOODFORD THOROUGHBREDS    
246 Colt Curlin Tension Kentucky WOODFORD THOROUGHBREDS    
273 Colt Carpe Diem To the Nines New York WOODFORD THOROUGHBREDS    
603 Colt Ghostzapper Divine Beauty Kentucky WOODFORD THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
817 Colt Uncle Mo J Z Warrior Kentucky WOODFORD THOROUGHBREDS    
841 Gelding Carpe Diem Lady in Shades New York WOODFORD THOROUGHBREDS OUT    
Gross = $0
26 Filly Currency Swap Pimpinella Florida WOODSIDE RANCH    
32 Filly Lea Pliant Kentucky WOODSIDE RANCH    
37 Gelding Palace Pompous Lady Florida WOODSIDE RANCH    
93 Colt Distorted Humor Rossezza New York WOODSIDE RANCH    
156 Colt Temple City Siddhartha Kentucky WOODSIDE RANCH    
199 Filly Anchor Down Storied Tale Kentucky WOODSIDE RANCH    
311 Gelding Air Force Blue View From the Top Kentucky WOODSIDE RANCH    
368 Gelding Conveyance Adorable Heidi Florida WOODSIDE RANCH    
673 Colt Dominus Flashy Gray Kentucky WOODSIDE RANCH OUT    
709 Filly Flatter Global Warming Kentucky WOODSIDE RANCH    
918 Filly Central Banker Miss Andorra New York WOODSIDE RANCH OUT